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May 29, 2010


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Wow, what a great prize! The clue, a cork, had to be matched w/ the correct bottle. Then the 3 amigos had to pair the right wine w/ the right food to gain a bottle of marsala...to make their chicken marsala! My favorite scene was a toss-up between Dan Cortese wanting to steal a bottle of $15K wine and the sweater he wore in the last scene! hahahaha Very informative little video!!
Thanks so much!!
~Lana B~
mamastamps at sbcglobal.net


This would be a fun prize! The friends took the clue (a cork) and had to match it to a bottle of Roberto Cipresso in a huge wine cellar. They did it, of course. :) My favorite scene was when the group found the correct bottle in the cellar. When they realized it was the correct one, they yelled "That's it!
Thanks for a fun giveaway and funny video


The clue was a cork and it had to be matched to the correct wine bottle. My favorite scene was the wine tasting.

Lori A.

How fun! The clue was a cork. They had to match it to a bottle of wine in a cellar below a little shop. The note in the bottle sent them to Wine Circus. There they had to match the wines to the food. This wins them some marsala, which they will make chicken marsala with.
I liked the part where they flambe'd the chicken. Very cool looking. :)
ljatwood at gmail dot com

Nancy S (momsnack)

The clue was the wine cork that later had to be matched to the correct bottle in the cellar. My favorite scene was when they all correctly matched the wines with the dishes.

Karen S

The clue was to match the cork to the correct wine bottle from the wine cellar. Then they were instructed to go to the wine makers where the challenge was to select the right wines for three different menu items. Their correct answers awarded them with a bottle of wine to use as the secret ingredient to making Chicken Marsiella with roasted potatoes at the family restaurant. My favorite scene? The ending - excellent food, delicious wine and fantastic company. What could be better?

Thank you for the opportunity to wine this wonderful package. I'll have to check out the wine store you referenced as well ... I live in RI too.

Karen S (cydinri at gmail dot com)


Very cute and clever - the clue was the cork that had to be matched to it's rightful bottle...but I loved it when Dan said, "Darn tootin' Fig Newton!" That was something my dad always said! Great giveaway! xo, Nan

Cheryl Sims

I adore these Bertolli meals so this party pack would be fantastic. The clue in the video is the cork where they had to find the matching bottle. I loved the wine cellar to see all the bottles of wine from years past covered with dust. What an experience that would be. The scenery of the drive to the restaurant was beautiful too. I really hope I can win this package. Thanks.
Cheryl Sims

Janet F

The Roberto Ciapresso wine cork is the clue. They had to match it to one of the wine
bottles in the wine cellar.

My favorite scene was the finding th $15,000 wine bottle.

janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

Johannah B

Cork, which had to be matched with the bottle. My favorite scene was watching them enjoy the food once it was completed.


The 3 celebs were handed a cork with "Roberto Cipresso" written on it by a cafe waitress and their mission was to find which bottle the cork belonged to in the largest wine cellar in Piazza Giovanni, they find the matching bottle and visit the city where the wine is made. they also had to match wines with food to obtain the secret ingredient, marsala wine. My favorite scene was when the 3 were outside the kitchen looking at the view... really beautiful!

Thank you so much for the chance to win this fabulous prize.

email: thewideworldof (at) gmail (dot) com


The clue to match the cork with the wine, and then figure out which wines go with which foods. I wouldn't have been able to do it! I liked the scene where they were amongst all the dusty wine bottles in the cellar!

Amanda Ranta

The clue was a cork that had to be matched to the correct bottle. My favorite scene was when they found the correct bottle., and everyone was so happy! :)


Such an awesome giveaway - thanks for the invite! I read it earlier but felt like a schmuck for entering a friend's contest. But if invited? Helllloo! I could USE a gift pack like that around here.

Clue? The cork that had to be matched to the Marsala. Fave seen? Well, not so much a scene but Dan in general. Shhh. Don't tell my husband.

Shannon R

The clue was a cork, ad I liked the matching bit.

Becca Heflin

What an awesome gift! The friends took the clue (a cork) and had to match it to a bottle of Roberto Cipresso in a wine cellar. My favorite scene was when the group found the correct bottle in the cellar. Their reaction was priceless! Looked like they had won the Publisher's Clearinghouse Sweepstakes or something! "THAT'S IT!" :-)

You can email me at Becster13064@hotmail.com

Brandy Miller

The clue was the cork with the name Roberto Ciprezo (I have no idea how to spell it.)
My favorite part of the video is when they first walk into the wine cellar. It's AMAZING!

Vanessa Pyatt

The clue: a cork

My favorite scene: when they figure out eh wine pairing challenge and Dan says, "Darn tootin' fig newton." LOL!! I'm a simple girl; what can I say. It just doesn't take much to make me laugh I guess.


great little video, love Bertolli, am starved for Italy and Bertolli...clue was the cork and matching it to the Marsala wine.....


What a fabulous Giveaway! Thank you! And thanks for your beautiful blog!

The video was so much fun! I would love to be part of that kind of treasure hunt! Onion soup, creme brulee, wine - my kind of work!

My favorite part of the video was the view at the restaurant and of course, seeing the kitchen where the chicken marsala was made. Fantastic!

My husband and I enjoy Bertolli frozen dinners a couple of times a month!

Janet Bridge
jcbridge at aol dot com

Joyce Geyer

What a great article. Roberto, Roberto I am sure I could find the bottle for the cork. I want to taste the wine! Loved it. Thank you!

Roberta Baxter

The clue was the cork that matched the Marsala wine bottle with the name Roberto Cipresso on it. Bertolli has been a favorite brand of mine for 20 years. My favorite part of the video was when Dan said "Darn tootin' fig newton" since I never heard that before. thank you for the great article and chance to win the wonderful, delicious product from Bertolli.


Oh man, watching that made me hungry. The clue they received was the Roberto Cipresso cork and they searched a wine cellar to match it to a wine bottle (which contained a note).

My favorite scene was during the cooking part. Marisa Tomei was so hesitant when it came time to add the wine to the chicken and they looked so surprised when the red flames shot up.

cruzowlpost @ att.net


The clue is the cork and they had to find the matching bottle...love all the scenes from Italy.
Awesome blog!


Wow - what an amazing giveaway! The clue was a cork. My favorite scene was when they found the bottle of wine in the wine cellar. Neat little video.

Kristen M.

The clue was a cork that had to be matched to a bottle. I most enjoyed the fun Italian accents and pronunciations in the video.

Bev Babarovich

The clue was the cork that had to be matched to the bottle from which it came by searching through a wine cellar of 5000 bottles.
My favorite scene was when chef Marina's father declared "it is a very sexy wine!" and she blushed.

Thanks to you and Bertolli for the great give away!


The cork was a the clue and the people needed to match that cork to the correct wine bottle.

The video was so cute and I just think marissa is adorable.

Thankyou for the opportunity to win...

Mindy Mindya@comcast.net


The clue was of course the cork that they had to match to the correct wine bottle in a cellar underneath a old store. My favorite part was seeing the beautiful countryside while they were driving and the wonderful kitchen in which they cooked the chicken marsala and roasted potatoes


Wow-this is a fantastic prize! The clue was the cork that had to be matched with the bottle that it came from in the wine cellar. I loved the scene in the wine cellar. Who doesn't want an awesome cellar of wine under their house (or store)?! I know I do!

Mary H.

The clue was a cork from a bottle of Roberto Cipreso (sp?) wine...the actors and chef had to find the matching bottle in a huge wine cellar. My favorite scene was when they got to the restaurant - Boccon d'vino (spelling again?) - and saw the absolutely stunning view of the countryside. It was gorgeous!

Shannon Francis

Oh no, I hope I didnt miss the deadline! :o( I just found out about the contest. Those pasta bowls look to die for!! Perfect size! Im craving some chicken marsala after watching that.. (my fave!) over penne in those bowls! Neat chiller too! Ive never seen one like it. What a wine party that would be! A chance to try all those that I talk myself out of at the store! That calls for a tasting party!! They had to match the cork to the bottle of Roberto Ciapresso wine. I never wouldve found it! lol I wouldve grabbed a yummy looking bottle and found myself a comfy corner instead! lol I love this series though Ive only seen a few eps. Dan Cortese cracks me up and Marissa is so funny when she gets all squeaky & excited. My favorite part was seeing the view from the Boccon Di Vino.. oh man what Id give to see that in person! Breathtaking!

Mary C. Anderson

Ack! I meant to come back and leave a comment for the awesome Bertolli give-away. I loved looking at every thing that they sent you. Wowzer! A very generous company.

Please let me know when your book is in print. :)



I am so sorry that I missed it. The clue was the cork. I am so glad that they picked you. You make everything so much fun to read. I love to follow your post.


You are the best one for this task. You are so creative and you will make sure to tell your followers the fun things that took place. Go get them, girl.


You look great holding that box of goodies. The clue is the cork and the missing bottle.


This is great. I love to get involved in fun things like this. I hope that who ever won, is having the time of their lives.


You look like you are living the life that we all want to live. This great food and prizes are the fun in life. I hope to win the next one.


I love your Britolli giveaways. I hope you will be able to do more.


I love your page and the prizes that you are giving away is great. I like the graphic on your page, too. Especially the cat and the way his eyes follow you.


I like the boats in the picture. I hope that it is included in the giveaway. (lol). My wife loves your site and shares it with me all the time. She thinks that you are so smart and likes your recipes that you share. I have to say, I like them, too.


This looks like some good stuff that you were able to giveaway. I know that I would have loved to have gotten the chance to win it. I hope that you will do it again soon.

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