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February 06, 2010


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Donna, this is divine!

Susan @ SGCC

This looks seriously amazing! Well done!


oh my, so tempting! If I weren't baking so much other stuff today (grumpy's b-day) I would make this! I will sometime soon!

The Food Hunter

looks great.


I have never tried nutella. I think this will be a fun recipe to make. Thanks for the tip.


Wow What a Recipe. This looks really wonderful. Superb Cake Recipe.


I like to try new things. I have never had this before either but, I have friends that love to use this instead of peanut butter. I guess that I will give it a try because you make it look so good.

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Hey everyone. Interesting idea for a blog. I have been checking out a lot of blogs and forums recently. Some are really informative some are entertaining and some are a real crack up. I've got to admit it, good job on this blog, I'll be sure to look in again real soon.


Making this right now as I type.

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