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December 07, 2009


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Kris Sobolik

What an awesome giveaway! Pick me! Pick me! :)


I can tell you that I like using wilton's decorating bags and tips. And their cake pans are the bestest!

I would LOVE to own this cookie set. we're doing a cookie exchange at work and this would be AMAZING!


Pick me! =D My favorite Wilton supply would be the seasonal Wilton sprinkles. I ummm... get them half price after the season is over. Seriously, I'd love to write raving reviews about their products, but I'm a grad student and my husband is in law school, and we don't have that many, LOL!

But, yes, the sprinkles are fun to use. Thus far I have Easter, Halloween and maybe I'll get Christmas in a few weeks. ;)


Wow, what a cool prize package! I recently used some Wilton rolled fondant. It was my first time using fondant and it was great - so easy to work with! I've got one of their annual cake decorating books and an assortment of other things like pastry tips and bags.


I have used a lot of wilton products, pans, icing, bags and tip and I love everything!! I so want to take their course but.... the nearest place is over 2 hours away.... so sad


Wow - that is a very generous giveaway! What fun prizes.

Sarah Miller

I love Wilton products. I've used their decorating tips and bags for years in food decoration and with crafting with modeling paste. I use a different decorating set for crafts! We have an annual cookie decorating contest here each Christmas, and I use Wilton colored sugars, sprinkles, molds, bake pans and gift wrap. I love their products and I'm glad Erika showed me your neet blog.


That is by far the best prize package that I have seen in a very very long time!! Way to go Donna... I love the Wilton for decorating they make life so much easier especially for us "creatively challenged" LOL hehehe!

Lisa Lucas

Wow! I found this site through Erika - love the resources and this give-away is amazing!

Susan Lagasse

I too found this via Erika. It looks like you had a GREAT time. I would LOVE to do that with my friends too. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Wilton decorating products. I fell for them when I took their cake decorating class 4 years ago.

Melinda Wilson

Wow!!!! What an amazing giftaway! I love my Wilton Cake pans and my favorite ones are my heart-shaped pans which I use every Valentine to make my hubby a Red Velvet Cake.

Wanda in NC

Oh I always use Wilton's bags. They are so thoughtful to send you this package, and then offer to donate one to a lucky winner on your blog. WOW! Great company. I love it when I can go to a cookie exchange - it's always so much fun! Wished I could have come to yours. Well, hoping to win this prize. TFS


Amazing give away!! My favorite Wilton item is my large cookie sheet. I have used it for years and just love it.


I have used Wilton Pans (decorative cakes) and candy supplies for many years. My mother used to make cakes professionally and I was able to borrow a pan to make a decorated cake for my child. I would love to win the cookie exchange set!


I like Wilton's cookie press and I love the frosting that comes in the "glue" type bottles--great for little ones to help with.


I LOVE Christmas cookies!! Probably my favorite part of the holiday!

Judi Sparks

What goes better with Christmas than homemade cookies? I love baking them, eating them and sharing them!

Mary H

I love Wilton's chocolate fountain! My husband and I bought it a couple years ago for a party and have used it several times since. It's a huge hit at parties! Thanks for the chance to win this fantastic giveaway!

Patti Scanlan

I love wilton products! I have used many - I like the chocolate molds, because you can make such fantastic looking candies, and they are so quick!


I saw this giveaway on Facebook and instantly thought of how much fun this would be to use with my extended family and my 2 year old son.

Cara F.

what an amazing giveaway. i would love it. :)

Gretchen Noelle

I am not sure that I have used Wilton in the past but am looking at taking some cake decorating classes by them. What fun it would be to get this!


What a great giveaway. I always do a cookie exchange with friends. This would make it so much more fun!

Lynn Gray

this would be so great to win. thanks for giving me the chance


wow...what beautiful cookies you all made...and boy oh boy how fun it would be to win this package! thanks for sharing it!


If I will receive a special gift like that this coming Holidays, I would be very thankful.

Mary C. Anderson

Wow! This is such an awesome giveaway!!!What a great way to package up all of the cookies and give them away as gifts or have a cookie Exchange party. I have a few of the Wilton cake pans and love them. I have purchased some of the decorative boxes that you can put baked brownies and cupcakes into and give as gifts. Love them. I have never used thier cake decoratiing items though.

It was nice to see a photo of your granddaughter. She is so pretty and looks just like Erika.

Good luck everyone.


Terry Garcia

This is great, I participate in a cookie & reciepe exchage every year and as a matter of fact it was just this past weekend, Its lots of work, but a whole bunch of FUN, and my family can't wait for me to get home to sample all the delicious cookies, just like little buzzing bees waiting for honey....heheh, anyways I love using Wilton products, its half the fun. Maybe if I win it would encourage me to host my own Cookie Exchange..... "OH BROTHER" what am I getting myself into now...hehehe Anyways best of lucky to everyone, and ENJOY...


What an awesome giveaway you have going here Donna! I'll make sure to tweet for you!

I use several of Wilton products. I have their cookie cutters, decorating bags and tips, candy melts, bundt pans, you name it. The Wilton section is one I always go to when I'm browsing!


Oh my goodness, this is incredibly generous of Wilton! Everything in the package looks amazing. The package would be so much fun to have a cookie party with family and friends. Thanks for the chance to win! Michele

Vanessa Pyatt

WoWZa! What an awesome prize package! Wilton has definitely shown the spirit of giving here, eh? I love Wilton products for my cake decorating. I took two of the Wilton cake decorating classes at my local Michael's and now I make both of my boys' (ages 6 & 2) birthday cakes each year. It's fun to do soemthing creative just for them!

Jill Hatch

I love Wilton products. I use their tips, bags, molds and cake pans. I also use their magic melts. Their products are the best. I would love to add this to what I already use.

Ky Scrapacat

What a great kit! As a former cake artist, I've used most of Wilton's products. I LOVE their products! Thanks for this generous offer.


OK, with all the shiny shiny and pretty pretty in that box, I have to tell you that the thing I use the most from Wilton are.......the parchment sheets! I cannot LIVE without them! I use them for everything and you will never find anything, maybe other than a knife, that is more useful, versatile and handy in the kitchen than parchment paper. I use it to keep things from sticking to pans and sheets, use two sheets to pound meat (that sounds bad, doesn't it?), use it to wrap things for the freezer before putting in a zipper bag to prevent freezer burn, use it to wrap packages of cookies to give a way (roll up a stack, roll again in cello, tie ends, voila!), use it to make funnels to fill containers with dry ingredients, use a piece in place of a pastry bag, use to cover food and then with foil to keep things moist in the oven on warm. I could go on..............

Thanks for such fun posts!!! Bren

Amy P.

I have used their sprinkles, molds, and squeeze bottles before. I love their sprinkles!


When I was a kid my mom was awesome about letting make icing just so I could try and make stuff with her Wilton bags and tips.

I have yet to start my own collection of Wilton (except for one lonely pan to make one of those Giant Cookies, which my daughter LOVES), this would be a great start!

Thanks Erika's Mom and Wilton for offering this giveaway (even if I don't win)! :-)

Lori A.

What a wonderful gift! My kids love making and decorating cookies, too. It's a Christmas Eve tradition for us.
I have all the Wilton Comfort Grip cookie cutters (at least all of them I've seen!). I loooove them! My kids love finding shaped sandwiches in their school lunches. :)


I love baking cookies. It's too bad that I now only reserve this for the holidays. I hope that I win so that maybe I'll bake on a more regular basis. Thanks for sharing.

Valerie Z.

I LOVE to bake and Wilton products are the BEST! I would love to win this - thanks so much for the opportunity! :o)


What an amazing giveaway! Wilton does cookies right, lol! I don't have any Wilton pans or sprinkles, I only have the cookie press and love it. My kids and I love to put on the Christmas tunes, get in the kitchen and bake away!! This set would be an amazing gift for our family and I would love to have a cookie exchange. It's been a few years since I hosted one.
Thanks for the opportunity to win this!!


I have used their fabulous cupcake liners! I love the fun designs and the quality is definitely a step above the rest! I would love to play with the sugars and fun pans!

Margaret Smith

I just attended a cookie exchange on Saturday and it was alot of fun. I just loved bringing home all the different cookies. I do use Wilton products! I love the sprinkles for cookies, cupcakes, cakes and my husband puts it on ice cream. What a awesome give away. A big yahoo for Wilton products.


My son loves to bake too so this would be a great Christmas present for both of us! We would have a blast getting sprinkles all over the kitchen!

I love Wilton products. I have a lot of their cake pans and use their annual magazines for cake ideas. I do love their colors for frostings but most of all I love their variety and that I can alwasy find what I need when I want to make/bake something.

Shari Albrecht

Wow what an awesome gift! Oh how they have improved over the old metal spritzer cookie maker I grew up with in the 50's and so many wonderful items to try! I would love to invite my friends over for a day of fun and cookie exchange baking. We could try out all the new goodies, take pictures and create wonderful memories!!!


I don't do a lot of decorating but when I pick up new pans or specialty items I always choose Wilton - just can't be beat for quality.

Catherine Kraft

This would be such a fun gift to receive. I love Wilton products and have used them for many years from cake pans, parchment paper, decorating tips, etc.....I'd love to win this cute cookie pan and all the goodies that go with it. I do have a favorite memory. My husband was stationed in The Netherlands when we got married. I remember looking through the kitchen when I got over there to see what cooking things he had. What was there on the shelf??? But a whole set of Wilton round wedding cake pans. Well let me tell you, I was curious and so as soon as he got home I could hardly wait to find out if he had a hidden talent and did cake decorating and I didn't know he had such talent. He looked at me funny and said no, he didn't decorate cakes. I asked him what the pans were for and he said, "oh, they are my deep dish pizza pans. I was hungry for American pizza and couldn't find a pizza pan so I bought a wedding cake set to make it in. At least he is inventive.

Hope this gave you a laugh....it sure did me.

Merry Christmas,



Johannah B

I've used a Wilton cookie press before and loved it. I haven't pressed cookies in a LONG time for Christmas, but this would be a great opportunity to do it again.


I used to decorate cakes,so I have a ton of Wilton products (cake pans, decorating tips, etc; but not related to cookies. My sis-in-law does the cookie exchanges, so I'd like to try my hand at it! I love the reliability of Wilton products, knowing what you are getting is a HUGE relief especially during the rush/madness of holiday time! I'd love to plan a cookie exchange and show up the in-laws!


wow great giveaway! i have used past and i like in te best SPRİNKLES!definitely deluxe and funny :) pick meeeeeeeeeee i need it :)


WOW! What an awesome giveaway! I LOVE Wilton!. I love to bake cakes and Wilton's Icing Colors are my fav. They don't change the consistency or flavor of my delicate French Buttercream.

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