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November 03, 2009


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Gretchen Noelle

Favorite cupcake? Lemon. I really love a great lemon cupcake with pucker up frosting. Yum! Funny I have never made them - I would likely eat them ALL!

Jonnie H

My favorite is a chocolate cupcake with peanut butter icing


Hmmm, you stumped me. Chocolate cupcake with chocolate frosting.


My favourite cupcake is chocolate. With or without any icing.


My favorite cupcake would have to be lemon, and it doesn't matter if it has icing or not. Either way its yummy


I like a chocolate cupcake stuffed with PB and frosted with some ganache and topped with PB chips. They're so rich and yummy!


The book looks so amazing, so many terrific ideas for cupcakes, which our family definitely loves! I make them at least once a week, and also really enjoy making them for special occasions, and theme-decorating them. Chocolate and golden cupcakes with buttercream icing are my traditonal flavors, everyone likes those. Martha's flavors look amazing - spice, chai, stout, hummingbird...Too many to list. The book will be great to win! Thanks, Michele


I love vanilla cup cake with chocolate frosting.


My favorite cupcake is probably a red velvet with cream cheese frosting. It doesn't really get any better than that.


Im going to be honest and say I dont think Ive met a cupcake I didnt like. But, if I can choose, I love chocolate-chocolate.

Portia Little

O yum, I luv 'em all! But my fave is chocolate with a mocha icing.


My mom made two kinds of cupcakes that I just loved as a kid (and still do to this day)

my favorite was when she put creamy frosting in the middle and then frosted the top and it was a huge surprise to find the filling! Yummy...

And then for my birthday one year she made a "cupcake" in an icecream cone.... not sure if that is really a cupcake... but it was decorated really cute and tasted really good too!

Love your blog, i have tried many recipes from here as well as checking out the book about grilling pizza.... that was a hit with the family!


Martha does a GREAT grapefruit curd, btw. My favorite cupcake is a ricotta cheese based orange marmalade cupcake with marmalade cream cheese frosting that I make for my Mom. Both she and my step-daughter love them! Thanks for the blog - you rock!

Katie in DC

spice cupcakes with cream cheese frosting and lots of it! (and extra sprinkles!)

Mary H.

My all time favorite cupcakes are the ones made in ice cream cones! LOL! Those were the cat's meow when someone brought them to school for their birthday. Didn't matter what flavor they were...just that they were in the cones. :)

Denise in AZ

Spice with cinnamon frosting! Love that combination!


Well, I haven't met one I didn't like so far! Very favorite is Chocolate with Chocolate icing of course!

Cheryl W

My favorite cupcake is Chocolate with Peanut Butter icing.


I tried one (or two...) chocolate cupcakes stuffed with Junior Mints,topped with a dark chocolate frosting. Very good!


I love the classic red velvet! SO yummy!


I love vanilla with vanilla frosting.

Melinda Wilson

I love orange cupcakes with orange flavored icing!

Vanessa Pyatt

My sister-in-law makes wonderfully cute cupcakes. She lives several states away from me, so I haven't had the privelage of tasting them, but they are my favorite because they're so darned cute! (Locally she's known as "Rudibakers"!)

Mary C. Anderson

Oh how I love all things Martha Stewart. I saw her latest cupcake book and decided that I would put it on my Christmas wish list.

My favorite cupcake is red velvet with cream cheese frosting. Basic, I know but it is my very favorite. Thanks for offering a great give a way. Can you tell me where your review is? Thanks.


Tiffany S.

My favorite is a cherry limeade cupcake. It's so yummy and so pretty!

Lori Turner

I love a white cupcake with chocolate frosting, however, there aren't many types of cupcakes I would turn away!

Catherine Kraft

My absolute favorite (for this time of year - otherwise it's all cupcakes LOL) is my pumpkin spice with maple frosting.......yummy



I love chocolate cupcakes with vanilla frosting and sprinkles.


My favorite cupcake would be the one going in my mouth. ba dum dum.
Favorite is really banana!!!


an apple cupcake thanks


cdziuba@aol.com A delcious yellow butter cupcake, with white creamy icing and some colored granulated sugar sprinkles.


Red Velvet Cupcake recipe from baker Terri Wahl who generously gave away her excellent recipe on Bobby Flay's Throwdown With Bobby Flay on his show subtitled Cupcakes. It's the best cupcake I've ever eaten...so far.

Shellie Seering

I love a gooey Chocolate Cream Cheese cupcake, YUM!


Gotta love cupcakes... my favorite would have to be chocolate with raspberry filling and a cream cheese frosting... YUM!

Shawn K.

My favorite is pumpkin with cream cheese! Yum!

Shawn K.

Patricia Wallace

My fav would have to be a chocolate cupcake with white icing...YUMMMMMMM


My favorite cupcake is Chocolate cake with a cream cheese filling and chocolate icing.

Cindy A.

My favorite cupcakes are chocolate with chocolate icing and chocolate sprinkles. Can you tell I loooooove chocolate? ;)

Kelly Ann T.

I like chocolate cheesecake cupcakes.


White Russian...with a cream cheese/whipped cream frosting. Oh yum yum yum!

I've heard good things about this book! I'm going to need to pick one up before long!


I love a red velvet cupcake with cream cheese frosting. I hope to open my own cupcake shop one day (coon).

Mary Ward

My daughter has really been into baking since moving out and she made a very yummy mocha cupcake with a cream cheese frosting that was to die for!

Mia J.

My favorite cupcake is chocolate with mocha frosting.


chocolate cupcake, cream cheese frosting...yummmmmm


My favorite is definitely carrot cupcakes with cream cheese icing ( http://dessert-recipes.suite101.com/article.cfm/the_ultimate_carrot_cake_recipe ). I hardly ever make them because I can't stop myself from eating them!

Krista English

My favorite cupcake is a vanilla cream cheese cupcake with white icing or for a lighter icing blend strawberries & mix with whipped cream and top.


lemon, vanilla/vanilla, pina colada... hard to choose!

Pam from California

My favorite cupcake is Chocolate with chocolate icing. I know basic and simple but oh so good!I like milk chocolate icing best.

Sandi Andersen

My favorite is the Crave-a-licious cupcake which translated is a blue vanilla buttercream icing on top of a chocolate cupcake.

Halina Zakowicz

I thought I'd share my secret formula for making killer cupcake frosting: I take 1/2 mascarpone cheese, 1/2 heavy whipping cream, and beat those two items together with a mixer. I then add some Amaretto, vanilla extract, or Frangelico, along with a tablespoon of sugar, and continue mixing until everything is smooth and fluffy. People can't stop raving about the frosting I make!

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