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March 04, 2009


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Yay, I'm subscribed and entered! What a great giveaway. Thanks!


I followed all the links, signed up and entered my comment...surely that's good enough to win one (two, three, four?) lovely sharpeners, eh? Fun giveaway!


Very cool giveaway and wonderful product!!!


My husband loves to sharpen knives, and likes to try new gadgets for this, so I know he would be very happy if I win this. I hope I'm commenting in the correct place. I checked out The Food Examiner and it said to come back here to comment. Thanks for the chance to win!


We have a Wustof sharpener that came with our set. I can't use it! LOL! The sound kills me! My husband is very particular about having the knives properly sharpened, though, so he would love a new one!


2nd try is always better :-) I don't have a sharpener; but, DH has tried to sharpen my knives and scissors with a stone. I would love to try this one! Thanks.


YAY! This is exciting--my Ikea sharpener isn't cutting the mustard so to speak!


I would really like to win one of these :-)


I would love even one really nice knife. My kids have ruined all of mine opening our bathroom door since the knob stopped working.


I don't have a knife sharpener, but I would sure love to fix all my dull knives!


Hi...me again...And ty for alerting us to the change. As I told you I really NEED these sharpeners cuz my old system (just pitching them) is getting a bit pricey and my hubby may scalp me if he catches me...I have a drawer full that need my attention asap lol...ty ..and congrads on being a reviewer! Cher hilly77@comcast.net


Thanks for the give-away. I really need to sharpen my knives and the only way I've been doing it in the past is through mail-order. Thanks again!


I had a sharpener made by Chef's Choice. These look terrific.

susan in FL

My husband does all our sharpening. I think he'd love a good sharpener. Also I'd love to have the scissors sharpener. My scissors always need sharpening. Or I should say that I always have at least one pair that needs sharpening. Yes, I have too many pairs of scissors.


You're already in my reader - I love to check in every day! I've used some off brand knife sharpener - not a good idea. So I neeeeeed one!

Carolyn G

I have used a knife sharpner before but I don't have one now. I would love to have this one though. Thanks.

Kathy Jackson

I use to have a knife sharpner YEARS ago and I loved it! I would love to have one now! Especially a good one like this!! Thanks for the chance to win and all the other goodies you tempt our taste buds with!!

Jodi Galland

Wasn't sure which of your S,C&S posts to enter on, so entering here as well!


I've never used a knife sharpener before but I am definitely in need of one! The knife block we got for our wedding is full of dull knives :)


My knives are so dull.


I posted a comment earlier, just saying I was going to The Examiner. They could have at least answered your questions. Oh, well, it's worth a second comment to ensure I'm included in the giveaway...what lovely sharpeners!

Not to worry, we will all still follow your posts...you're too much fun to miss.


You're already coming to my email every post, but I'd love a knife sharpener because my knives need some serious help.

Johannah B

No haven't used a knife sharpener, usually leave those chore to hubby -- he had a cuisinart one. I am a subscriber already to your email.


I have a Calphalon sharpener that came with my knives. I also have a Fiskars one that I use for my craft scissors...similar to the one you show above...just not near as fancy :)


Amanda Christensen

I've never used a knife sharpener before. I've sent my knives out to be sharpened before, but it was expensive and I wasn't pleased with the results. My knives are so dull right now, that they could really use some help. The Smith's Edge sharpeners look really nice and easy to use. Love your blog!

Lisa@The Cutting Edge of Ordinary

Cheers to a fellow RI blogger! What a great contest. I'm adding you to my blog list. Thanks so much!


It seems that my knives are always dull. This would be a handy thing to have. I use a stone and I'm not good at it.

Kathy D

Great products......

Kelly Ann T.

I have never used a knife sharpener before. I always sent them to a shop here in town.

Lisa A

My knives are in need of me winning this. It's their only hope. Thanks for the giveaway!

Vivian Deliz

I have dull knives to the point that when I need a sharp knife I buy another one. I think I need to get one of these sharpeners.

cheryl kelley

I've never owned one before but this looks great for keeping old knives alive instead of pitching them. thanks


I subscribed via email and would love to win, as I have never used a knife sharpener before, and my knives show it. :( Thank you for offering this giveaway! eyeslikesugar [at] gmail [dot] com.

Nancy P

I would love to have the Counter Safe Deluxe Knife & Scissors Sharpener because both my knives and scissors need desperate help!!! Nancy P...


I wish the little market we used to have was still open, as they used to sharpen knives. Mna, could that butcher sharpen a knife! Now I have a RADA, and frankly I should throw it out, as I can't use it. It actually dulls the knives as opposed to sharpening them. I've never heard of Smith's Edge Sharpeners, but they look wonderful.
I have subscribed to your email list and look forward to new posts from you. Thanks for the giveaway!


Great giveaway! I just suscribed to your email updates. So glad you have this feature, it is my favorite way to get updates on blogs! Go ahead and pick me for one of the sharpeners sets. ;)


Hi there! I'm subscribed to your RSS feed, and I've never sharpened a knife.(!) And boy, do my knives need it.

Lovely giveaway!


I am subcribed through my reader. Love the idea of a knife sharpener giveaway. Wish me luck!

Chris Eirschele

Knives are an expensive tool in the kitchen, keeping them in good condition is an worth it.

Not to mention the clean sharp cuts when cooking that makes everything looking cool.

Good contest.

Kim Kunaniec

I don't blame you for keeping that Ceramic Pull-Thru model. It looks amazing! Great giveaway!!

Jill Browne

My knives are permanently dull! I'm too much of a klutz to sharpen them and too much of a perfectionist to even start - I'd sharpen them down to nothing before it would seem "right". No kidding, I've been wanting knife sharpening lessons. I don't use a sharpener now, although there is a steel lying around somewhere.

Now that I know Smith's, I'll keep my eyes open in stores here in Canada.


I'll give it a whirl. I've never had a knife sharpener.

Erika Kerekes

Thanks for reminding me to add you to my feedreader, which I just did. Yay!

As for sharpening knives, I have an old-fashioned steel which I have never learned to use properly. Then I bought a little pull-through sharpener at Surfas (the amazing restaurant supply place here in LA) by AccuSharp. It works okay. Not as well as getting off my butt and having my knives sharpened by a professional, which I try to do once a year.


I haven't used this brand of sharpener but I'm open to trying these! I've heard their knives are excellent and I just might get a new set. Thanks for this great opportunity! Twittered and blogged about it too! (I've been following your blog and linking to you for awhile now)

Stephanie B

I have never used a knife sharpener, nor have I ever gotten my knives sharpened. My knives are hurting. Great giveaway!


I had a Pampered Chef knife sharpener back in college... did a decent job, but I was always afraid of wrecking my knives. These days I use a Henckels sharpener that I got from a friend... but again, not sure if I actually do it correctly!


I have never sharpened my knives before, but have taken them a place one time. I love the idea of a scissors sharpener, as my kitchen shears are SO dull!

Great post, Donna!


You're now in my Google reader :). My husband is the best knife sharpener I know!


I added you to my google reader and can't wait to see the next creations you will share with us.

I have used a rod style knife sharpener, but now I use one that is more similar to the edge grip sharpener. I don't know what brand it is.

Cheryl Probst

Well, I'm up for a knife sharpener! Don't have one presently and lots of dull knives!

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