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February 20, 2009


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This cake sounds divine! I love spices, and I love caramel! YUM. Can't wait to try this one.


Oh, boy! One of the few sweet things I enjoy...spice cake; and, caramel is my favorite flavor for coffee creamer. I think I'm going to try this! Wonderful pictures, as always.

Debby Boltman

Oh my gosh this looks and sounds so heavenly. I am definately making this today!

Kristy - Where's My Damn Answer



Sold! Any cake with spices such as cinnamom and then with the addition of caramel icing is absolutely heaven for me.

Thanks for sharing this recipe.


Good Gosh Girl, what do you do with all this food you bake? I would be as wide a ? who knows? It sounds really good though. Happy Baking.

susan in FL

My mother told me that if you break a cookie all the calories fall out. HMMMMMMM Maybe if I break a spice cookie and eat it standing up the calories won't count.

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