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February 13, 2009


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donna. quit it before i get on that boat and kidnap you and your son.


What adorable cupcakes! And now I see why you suggested red velvet to Clara's question - sneaky, sneaky! And dangit, another pan I feel I *must* get :)


love you cupcakes!! I almost bought a cupcake heart shape pan, instead I ended up with a cake heart shaped pan!

I want the cupcakes with the 'feet'!


Oh, my...I would try one of these! They are too cute...I've never seen pans shaped like hearts...the cupcakes look delicious!

All your pictures are so appetizing! And your icing (frosting?) looks grand. (Is frosting the noun and icing the verb?) The few times I've tried icing cupcakes or cakes, it usually turns out rather tacky...I just don't have that 'knack' a person needs to be successful in the kitchen!

Love to read all about your endeavors, though.

Happy Cook

You know that is indeed a real visual effect all that delicious cup cakes.
My keyboard is full wet as i am drooling here for the cupcake.


Donna, my bite is worse than my bark Grrrrr. So, be careful what you ask for :)

Your cup cakes look delicious! Can you send me a dozen?


Do you ship. OMG these look amazing!!!


these are precious! my favorite has to be "tonight?" nothing better than a "forward" cupcake. cupcakes, the new pick-up lines?

My Sweet & Saucy

Looks like you are fully stocked for Valentine's day! All of them look so yummy!


SO cute!!!! :)

Amy (Sing for your supper)

HAAA!!! Love the "Bite Me" cake....you crack me up!


Everything looks so yummy! Too bad we are not closer, I could run over and have a taste!


Ive had those silly feet holders in my cupboard for ages, but am yet to use them.. Your cute pics have inspired me to dig them out! Great site!


Oh my these cupcakes look sinfully delicious. I had no idea that you were selling them. I *love* the one that says "Bite Me". That really did crack me up. As for making Red Velvet cupcakes I had every intention of doing that butt time escaped me. So I bought the boxed Red Velvet cake mix. I never did use it. I'm sure that it would not be the same as Red Velvet from scratch.

I hope you had a very nice Valentine's day.



cute little walking cake men. Sounds like you've been busy in the past life. Now like is more calm? Doesn't sound like it. Glad you had a good time going down memory lane.


Hi! Just wanted to let you know that I was in red velvet cake EMERGENCY MODE (as in, I had never made one and I agreed to make one for a friend's birthday) and I made your red velvet cake recipe (pointed towards this direction by one of your daughters, actually!)


She absolutely LOVED the cake (and the icing!! I'm addicted in a bad way!) and even people who don't usually like red velvet cake were eating lots of it, too. So I deem you "Queen of the Red Velvet Cakes" AND I'm filing this recipe away to make again!

Next generation star trek

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