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February 17, 2009


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I love that site as she is so creative - BUT not as much as your site!! HA HA

The Hungry Mouse

Cuppie is too cute for words! Love him! :D



That is a wonderful site. She has so many neat things to try and to look at.


Cuppie is just precious! Deliciously precious!


I [heart] Cuppie!!! I love all things Cuppie! The artwork is so fun and so CUPCAKE! Does it even BET better than that?

valerie m

so cute!!! :)


SUPER cute!

Pam Uttaro

Cuppie is way too cute with her pink frosting & cherry on top..I could just bite her!!..oops...

The PurpleFoodie

Wow I love her work! I'm going to be in USA next week for a month, so hope that's fine with you!


Cuppie is so cute that for the first time it makes me NOT want to eat a cupcake - to become a "cupcake-atarian" just because I can't bear to bite into something so adorable! Well, maybe not quite - I love cupcakes too much.


Hey, thanks for another great blog to visit! Cupcakes are one of my favorite things...not to eat, just to view...haha. Something about their shape and their frosting that make me smile whenever I see one. Sort of like bubble gum...I always smile when I chew it (not in public too often...mostly just at home...no snapping and no big bubbles...just for fun).

Johannah B

They are adorable...and would look so good on my refrigerator!! Cupcakes are so in !!


I love the cuppie around town shots that they do on cakespy. Those are just the cutest things!


I want to be cuppie when I grow up! :)


Wouldn't it be fun to decorate with cute cupcake's? I think just maybe cupcakes are happy cakes too. Love 'em!


Very cute! Thanks for the recommendation on a new blog to check out!


I just can't help but smile whenever I see Cuppie. Instant cheer!


I love Cupie, he's so cute!


Those are the CUTEST magnets!


Good afternoon. Cuppie is adorable, I purchased her "Yes We Cake" postcards and framed and gave them as gifts for Christmas, they were a hit.


I love cuppie. He is just darling. She illistrates for Taylored Expressions and I have all of their stamps, because, well, cuppie is the cutest!!!


So cute and adorable.


I love the cakespy magnets! Too Cute!!!


Cuppie is so cute... just like a little person... but better... a Cuppie! A little friend to adventure through the kitchen with! What's better than a cute foodie friend right!!

Tiffany S.

Cuppie is so adorable. How cute would that be on my fridge! Cuppie wouldn't be lonely, there are lots of magnet friends to socialize with, but none so sweet!


Wow, Cuppie is super cute. I definitely don't have any magnets that are this fun!


The cupcake magnets are darling. I will be checking out Jessie's blog, Thanks Donna.


Lisa Charpentier

cuppie makes me *squee* with joy! love himmmmm!!

Shawn K.

Cuppie is too stinking cute! Love Cakespy too!

Shawn K.


I totally <3 cuppie & Cakespy!

Deb Greene

You know if I had those magnets on my fridge it would get my mojo on to do more baking and creativity just my come back to my kitchen...And a happy chocolate loving husband he would beee



I actually follow this blog! He is so cute, I would like to win :-)


thanks for the great blog recommendation- her stuff on etsy is tooooo cute! (I wish I was creative!!!) I'm a magnet collector and these would make SUCH a great addition to my colorful fridge!


Cuuuuuuute! What a fun giveaway.


Those are so stinkin' cute!!

Cara F.

Cuppie has always been and will always be adorable.


There is nothing cuter than a cupcake eating spaghetti!


Thanks for the twitter reminder. I love cuppie...I have cuppie drinking diet coke in my office at work.


Cupie is so cute I could just eat him up!


Cuppie is adorable!
I'm ready to be in like Flynn. :-D


Oh, I would love to have these on my fridge. They are adorable! Thank you for such a "sweet" giveaway.

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