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February 03, 2009


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Oh, my this looks lovely!!! That frog is so adorable!!! Chocolate is one of those things that can just make you feel better. That is a good thing! That's what I really like about it!


These sound yummy! They were the snack of the day on Rachel Ray last week! sign me up!!

~Lana B~

That frog is too cute! Reminds me of my 3yr old w/ those crossed arms! lol
Congrats on having such a great blog and thanks for sharing!!
~Lana B~


I love chocolate because it's delicious and so versatile - it goes with so many other flavours that you can never get tired of it. Also, Jingle is right that it can just make you feel better.

Patti Chesky

I think chocolate just makes a day better. I know it makes my day nicer!!!


I love chocolate for the way good dark chocolate melts in my mouth and how you can just savor every awesome bite!

Madam Chow

I love chocolate for the taste and texture. Nothing compares to it (saying that carob is a substitute is ridiculous, I think!), and it melts into warm, creamy goodness.


Wow, look at all the folks interested! You said to leave a comment telling why I love chocolate so much. Oops...I don't 'do chocolate'; but, I'm commenting for Jack...who is definitely a chocoholic! He would LOVE this for Valentine's Day (or any of the other 364 days of the year)! Thanks for offering this.


why do i love chocolate? cause i'm human. hahaha! ok that was cheesy. :) thank you for the giveaway though - how generous of you!

susan in FL

chocolate is the food of the gods. But PLEASE do NOT pretend that hard candy flavored with chocolate is chocolate. It must be smooth and creamy.


OH MY GOODNESS........these chocolates look absolutely sinful!!! I think I must have them.....I love chocolate because it is good for the body & soul.....and I said so!!! Thanks for the opportunity to win these wonderful treats!!

Mary H.

Oh, why do I love chocolate so? Because of the antioxidants. OK, not really...because it's just down right DELICIOUS! :) Thanks for this fantastic chocolatey give-away!


Chocolate always makes me smile and makes my day better. Thank you for the giveaway.

Kerri aka Slip, Stitch & Stab

Does being your daughter disqualify me? I hope not. I love chocolate so much because of you! You worked in a candy store and we always had candy around the house, when I was little. I remember you having the filling for chocolate peanut butter cups and eating that, before you got up in the morning! Now I like to make it and munch on it with a chocolate bar! And Lake Champlain Chocolates ARE the best in the world! Their "figaro" pralines are the best ever!

The Gourmet Girl

Having spent 23 years of my life living in Vermont, I can attest to how wonderful Lake Champlain Chocolates are! This little frog is the cutest! Thanks for offering such a great contest.


Not in the US/Canada Donna...but still love chocolates. I think they give you an instant 'perk-up'! Now that's quite some box of chocs; sorry the RIG picked me up so far away here the last time, but I have my sis's adress in the US just in case I get lucky again. Happy 1st birthday in advance too. You got a lovely blog here!

Carolyn G

I don't know why I love chcoclate but I do. It's just so darn good!!

Carolyn G

I follow on twitter


I follow you on Twitter (as of just now). I love chocolate .. makes my brain say, "I'm so happy." It's also one of the most delicious foods on the planet!


I love the idea of a chocolate frog price who at a warm kiss turns into something delicious. I also love chocolate in general for it's wonderful therapeutic benefits - there's nothing like a good endorphin rush every now and again - and the idea of a maple toffee crunch sounds divine :)


There's nothing like opening up a box or bar of chocolate and taking in its glossy, smooth surface, the fragrance of the cocoa beans, and the rich creamy texture as it melts on your tongue. That is why I love chocolate, and why I'd love to win this box of it.

georgette bradley

Chocolate is a smile in a wrapper.


Mmmmm, what yummy looking chocolates! One of the few things that could be better than a well-mixed cocktail. Well, OK, maybe not better. How about better than most well-mixed cocktails? I really need the chocolates to do a side-by-side taste test....

Kristin O

I love chocolate because it is awesome! Anything chocolate is good for me! :)


I love Lake Champlain Chocolates! I'm lucky enough to live fairly close to their Stowe/Waterbury store and frequently induldge in their organic truffles...so melty and good!


What a sweet give-a-away! I have tasted those Lake Champlain chocolates and they are the best! Especially the chocolate caramels.

I love chocolate because it makes me feel good and when I feel good I am happy and when I am happy my family is happy too!


I love chocolate. Especially when I'm at work and having a stressed out day!


I love chocolate because the minute it's in my mouth I am at peace! It's the most crave-worthy food I know. That chocolate frog is the cutest!!


I love, love, love, chocolate. I have not been able to eat it for over a year now. I was diagnosed with acid reflux in January 2008. They gave me some perscription pills that were suppose to make it all better....BALONEY....so they gave me another pill, that didn't work either....on to another pill...no luck there either. After months 8 months of being sick all the time I decided to take things into my own hands. Here is what I did.

Started eating healthier, that helped but didn't cure it. One day I decided to try an over the counter medicine. I bought Pepsid, it helped but barely so then I tried Zantac...Eureka!!!! It worked!!!! I now am like a drunk who fell off the wagon. I eat a good healthy meal of salads, protein, fruit and nuts.....then look out!!! Don't get in my way of the CHOCOLATE!!!


I love chocolate. All kinds of chocolate, but especially free chocolate. Chocolate is the sort of treat that cheers me up, and I love to share it . :D


Thank you so much for doing this, this is incredible! I love love love chocolate, because it soothes the soul, is chemically proven to be healthy for you :) and hits the spot.

That frog is perfect, btw.

Please enter me for the giveaway!


I love chocolate because it's chocolate, duh! ;)

And you should totally pick me because February 6th is my birthday!! ;)


Meplease! I've never had a Lake Champlain Chocolate, being in Dallas- but they look fantastic. :)

Lynn Smythe

When I'm not playing with words for Suite101, or the countless other sites I write for, I like to play on my bike. Chocolate = rocket fuel for this amateur athlete!

Melanie @ MelADramatic Mommy

Chocolate is an instant mood lift. It can be combined with so many other flavors. I hear someone talk about chocolate and I have to have some!

Jacqueline Church

Traveling on a bus from NYC to Boston today, it was chocolate that saved me. As is often the case...

I've had these chocolates once or twice when in the mid-west, loved them.

Fingers crossed...

Happy Cook

I love chocolate, my hubby thinks i only know one thing and that is chocolate.

Shawn K.

Yummy! This looks so delicious! Thanks for sharing!

Shawn K.

Donna Coffman

Why I love chocolate, there is nothing like a piece of chocolate , the creamy goodness melting on your tongue. Even on a bad day it can make you feel better, and sometimes the packaging contributes to the effect as it is with the chocolates you are giving away. Right away you heart pitter patters at the lovely colors.
Thanks for all the recipes, I'm like Paula Dean bring on the butter.
Donna Coffman


these are absolutely some of the yummiest chocolates around! I live in NH and am able to get them here sometimes. They are worth their calories in gold! What a great give away--I hope I win!

Nancy P

MMmmmmm.... Chocolate... It's a girl's best friend!!! Plus it's healthy for you!!! :O) Nancy P...


Those chocolates look scrumptious! I love chocolate because of the way it feels in your mouth -- smooth and creamy!


I love chocolate because it is a little special treat meant just for me. For that one delicious momentary second, I feel special, rich, and very lucky! It is just so decadent, but obtainable!


Yummy! =)


I LOVE chocolate...makes you feel all warm and fuzzy :) Off to twitter~!


I sent Lake Champlain chocolates to my grandma last year for Mother's Day and she was blown away by their goodness. Can never go wrong with chocolate.


I'm a friend of Erika's. Sign me up!! :)


why i love chocolate - let me count the ways.....oh! i can't count that high! i think chocolate is such a decadent indulgence. It soothes us, it invigorates us..it's the all around perfect food!!! :^) thanks for the opportunity to win some!

susan in FL

give me chocolate or give me death. Can't live without it.


Who does not love chocolate. The chocolate frog is so cute

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