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February 24, 2009


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this is amazing. Really really amazing


"What's life without cupcakes?" That's such a good phrase!

Beautiful pictures.


ohhh. my goodness. LOOK at that cake. OMGOD. tell me you stole that from a bakery. (or at least purchased it).


Wow, gorgeous! So creative.


Wow, that cake is a masterpiece. It's a really beauty, and the best part is that it looks uber-delicious, too. Plus, you get cupcakes in addition to your cake...it's the cake batter that just keeps giving!


That is GORGEOUS!!!! The 4 layers add so much, and the frosting looks so yummy!


The cake looks wonderful!!

And I agree with you, what is life without cupcakes?

Beautiful photos!


Good grief - that is one gorgeous cake!


Your is my favorite Devil's White Out Cake so far. Very bakery haute couture. I love all of it.


Looks gorgeous! I love black and white cakes, my fav is icebox cake!


Wow! You did a great job. I think if I ever make this cake, I'll use your method to jazz up the shape.

food librarian

How beautiful is this!?! I just love the shape!


I love what you did with the cake! It came out gorgeous!


Oh, yum! I want some cake right now! Thanks for the post :-)


I'm late to the party, but your cake is awesome! I love how it turned out. I am a big fan of the extra tall rectangular cake too.


Good Idea! Looks great. I made this cake last weekend for a birthday! and it definitely is a keeper. It tastes even better the next day!!


I LOVE the shape of that cake!!!!!

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