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January 16, 2009


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Mary C. Anderson

Oh my. I seem to be a bit behind becuase this is the first I have heard of twitter. Thanks for the info Donna.



I haven't 'tweeted' yet...not sure I have time to twitter, tweet AND blog...haha. Thanks for the info.

Kerri aka Fuglies

You just can't seem to get away from modern technology, can you mom?


Thanks for the info. Great idea! Will have to go with the technology flow....


Hi Donna,
I've come across your webpage while searching for "Nesserole Pie". It was a very high chiffon, custard affair. I have looked every where and only found one reference to it in a blog. "We had the usual pecan pie & family favorite Nesserole pie for Thanksgiving dinner" on another blog site. Even Wickipedia doesen't have a referance to it. In the mid 60's I frequently went to a Jewish Deli in Brookline MA and had this scrumptious desert. They closed down many years ago and I have been lusting for it since. If anyone can help I believe you can. LIZANNE


Hey Donna - You've got me nodding my head right along with this post. I don't know if I have TIME to keep up on twitter... but hey, gotta get with the flow!


Hey Donna - I will find you on facebook - I am not a twitter girl but one of the other girls on the site loves it - If I got into that I would never get anything done I already need to enroll in a 12 step facebook program!!

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