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January 21, 2009


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I do think this is an awful thing for someone to do. It's really not that hard to ask someone for permission to use a photo or recipe. And a lot of times people are very flattered that others ask.

Chocolate Heaven

It isn't fair, no.
Having said that, I will take parts of articles and ideas - but will ALWAYS link back & trackback to the original article, and NEVER take credit for it as being my own.
When I first started blogging for the shop that I work for, when I wanted to use a photo or recipe, I emailed each person asking for permission. I only ever got one reply. So I have been guilty of stealing ideas and some photos - but as I said, will always link back and credit the author.
Does this count as plagurism or flattery?!

Erika Martin - Stampin' Mama

It happened again!!!??? And this time, they put their own name as the author??? What a bunch of ......*bleeps*....

It really takes the joy out of writing when someone does something like that to you. ARGH!

Gretchen Noelle

Sorry to hear that you are having to fight this. It is no fun! When I have found things used, I have written the appropriate letters and they have been taken down. Sounds like you have numerous items taken by numerous people. I hope you achieve victory soon!


These people have no scruples.

I am sorry you have to go through this again. Hopefully these cyber thieves will get what they deserve.


I have only 'borrowed' pictures from blogging buddies so I can do their Happy Birthday blogs. I give credit where credit is available and due (anonymous stuff gets marked that way...or with 'author unknown'). I will give credit and trackback to someone's blog, if warranted. I am sorry people are stealing your Suite 101 writings...it's obvious those are your own creation! Shame on them!


What an absolute sneaky thing to do Donna...I think Google Alerts work well as far as you name is used, but what does one do if the author is changed? Pain indeed. I know Meeta at WFLH had a huge issue with a newspaper for the same. *SIGH*


I am sorry for your troubles. Is it too much to expect that people act like adults, and actually do the work they are getting paid for??



This is absolutely frustrating to me! I so appreciate the blogs and the knowledge shared and efforts of the authors. I can't imagine life without them..... I get so upset to hear that this is happening. Please do not loose heart. Your blog is so enjoyed.


That is just crap and should not happen - That would piss me off as well. I confess that I do remake many recipes that I find from other sites but the best part of that is being able to brag about that site, give them a shout out and post a link. I love to tell the peoples how wonderful that blogger is and how the recipe turned out. To me the best part of blogging is that we are a community that should be built on promoting and supporting and shouting out each other when we can. If those people cannot play well in the sandbox with us then get out!!


I just read on another blog - a stamping blog - where this was happening.

I guess it is just too easy on the internet.

I am so sorry this is happening and hope it won't keep you from writing. I really enjoy all you do.


Hi Donna, It's extremely frustrating. I'm sorry that you have the most plagiarized articles as far as I know.
I hope you're having some support somewhere, somehow...


Thanks everyone for all your encouragement. You made my day a little more bearable. I was just counting all the articles that were stolen on that website. Seems like there's about 200 articles from Suite101 readers, me included. The name of the website is http://www.readcosmo.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=category&layout=blog&id=23&Itemid=130 in case you're interested in seeing what plagiarism really looks like. Scroll down the page a bit. See the Chocolate Pecan Pie Recipe? That's mine, and apparently I've changed my name to Karl Ecke. The names on the articles are either fictitious, or these people really are that dumb! There's even a poll on the sidebar to vote for your favorite author! The nerve!

Sandy S

This is a terrible infringement of your rights as an author. Surely there must be something you can do to protect yourself! So frustrating! I wonder if you could file a complaint with their Web host or something!


What a bummer. I think that a lot of people believe that if it's online it's free for the taking. I tend to be pretty easygoing about that type of thing, but when it's just ripped off with no credit...no fun. Definitely not awesome.


This content thievery really makes me mad.

I have had one or two of my articles stolen by scrapers. I filed a spam complaint with Google via the Webmaster Tools Dashboard. Google doesn't want spammers / scrapers to dilute quality content, so they will investigate and (hopefully) drop the site out of their all powerful index. Poof.

One thing I like to do is put lots of internal links in my content (links to previous recipes, articles, etc). So in the event that one of my articles shows up on another website, I've got that many more links back to my site from theirs.


Wow, just learned a boat load reading this post and comments. I was not aware you contributed on multiple sites. Must pay better attention. Wow you are all grown up and you get paid for this madness. That is Cool! Try and keep your chin up. Usually what goes around comes around and you'll be stronger in the end.
Thanks for all your help and work for TWD.

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