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December 23, 2008


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Sugar B

Wow, you went all out with the butterscotch pudding! Cream pie! Whoo hoo! Mine is being refridgerated and I will post the results tomorrow morning. Thanks for choosing this recipe. :)


Absolutely gorgeous and what a creative use of a pudding recipe! I'm skipping this week due to an overload of Christmas baking but it's on my list for next year. Great choice!


Thank you for the pick I love Butterscotch anything!! I was going ot make mie into a pie as well but it didnt make it to that point ( I ate it all) again thanks for picking this yummy creation!

Gretchen Noelle

Donna this was fun to make since, as I posted, I had never thought of or tasted "real" butterscotch pudding. Mine did not set up quite enough, but that did not stop me from eating it and using the butter-scotch idea for other things. Thanks! Yum!


As always, you have created another showstopper! Great pick and have a very Merry Christmas!


I used Crown Royal too! :) I so loved this pudding, Donna, thanks for a fab pick this week! Happy Holidays! :D



thank you so much for being my secret baker! I got your card over the weekend- the itunes gift card was so sweet of you and I am filling up my ipod for my trip to Spain (I leave tonight!!). Do you do all this cooking and baking from your sailboat kitchen?? amazing! I didn't get to the pudding this month, but it looks like a good choice- I'll have to try it when i get back



Wow, great photos and looks and sounds delicious. I skipped TWD this week, but after visiting some blogs, may just have to give this a try sometime.
Happy Holidays, great job on the pie, yummy!
I'm having a giveaway on my blog, check it out if you'd like!


Awesome recipe. We really loved it.

Nancy (n.o.e.)

Donna, this is a great pick, and you did a bang-up job with it! My girls chose this one for us all to cook together now that they're both back for Christmas, so we're making it in the next few days and posting next week. I'm looking at posts and getting lots of tips! (I made cheesecake for this week's post.)


Great idea! Thanks for this pick, I LOVED it!


Great job! Yum, that pie looks amazing.


Thank you so much for picking this - it was incredible! Your pie looks scrumptious. Now I know what to make next time I get a butterscotch pudding craving. Merry Christmas!


wow, pass me a slice of that pie! i'm so sorry i didn't get to make your pick, donna, as i've rarely missed a week with TWD... but i've been coughing up a lung and wishing i weren't alive ;)

happy holidays :)


Great pick this week, Donna! Everyone here loved it. =)

Carol Peterman

I wasn't expecting this pudding to be so delicious sophisticated. Great pick! Your pie looks fantastic and I think you made the perfect choice going with the graham crust over a standard pie crust. I think the graham flavor would really play off the butterscotch well.


What a beautiful pie! Your cream topping is piped on so perfectly!! Thank you for a great pick this week, Donna. I've never made pudding before, thank you for expanding my repertoire!

food librarian

Crazy cute!!! Thanks for the great pick.
Happy Holidays to you and your family. - mary the food librarian


Great pick this week. The pudding is wonderful-will definitely make it again.


Great choice! We loved it. Your pie looks wonderful!

steph (whisk/spoon)

butterscotch is the best thing ever--thanks for picking this recipe! and that's one tasty-looking pie!! happy holidays!


Donna, your pie looks fabulous! Wish I had time to make the pudding but things are a little crazy over here! And, I {heart} the pie plate by the way!!!

Merry, Merry Christmas!


Nice pick for TWD. I know it must have been a hard choice with the Bread Pudding. Didn't your Mom have a good recipe for that? This looks SOOO good. I would like to try it, the scotch sounds interesting!


I loved this one! Hubby did too, I might just make it again with the pie crust, it was an instant favourite.
Thank you so much for your wonderful choice.


Butterscotch pudding has been an all time favorite of mine!!!


Thanks for hosting. Your butterscotch cream pie looks wonderful - I wish my pudding had set as well as yours!


Yours looks so beautiful and mine was such a failure:( Next time, I will have to redouble my efforts.


wonderful idea to make a pie!! it looks gorgeous. i really loved this pudding, great pick :) happy new year!


Thanks for hosting. This was the family's favorite part of Christmas Eve dinner.


Butterscotch over Bourbon? Tsk tsk. Not in this southern lass's kitchen! (But it looks good anyhow.)


Thanks for this yummy recipes. Hope to see more soon.

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