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November 11, 2008


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Cheryl Sims

1st is not good, but I NEED this book to give to my daughter for Christmas because she loves cupcakes and can use good ideas. It looks like some cool ones are in there. Thanks Donna.
Cheryl Sims


I don't NEED to win but I WANT to win! Who doesn't love cupcakes and they are portion-friendly!


What a great book - Cupcakes are so fun and allows such creativity...

Chocolate Shavings

I've seen that book at a bookstore the other day and it's absolutely beautiful! I recently wrote about my love for cupcakes (http://ourchocolateshavings.blogspot.com/2008/10/chocolate-cupcakes-with-chocolate.html). I think that pretty much says it all! I love cupcakes.


Simple: I love cupcakes and I don't have this book.


I've been wanting this book since it first came out. I love making cupcakes for group events, so much easier to serve. This would help out my social life!


I NEED to win this cookbook because I am having triplets in April and so will NEED lots of kid-friendly, bite-sized treats to keep them out of my hair!


I need to win this book because my 13 year old just finished her Wilton #1 cake decorating class and she needs inspiration. This book could be the source that causes Mother/Daughter moments! :)


I would love this cookbook because I'm in college and my friends have started to expect me to bring baked goods to school after breaks. Cupcakes are really portable, and they're the perfect size for both storage and consumption at college!


I love cupcakes! But my decoration skills are kind of lacking so this book would be great for inspiration!

Karen L.

I need to win the book because I adore cupcakes. I make them whenever I am feeling out of sorts, and I love to share with friends. I have been feeling down lately because of upheavals in my life right now and some light-hearted fun is just what I need.


I am guilty of following the cupcake craze myself! The sad part is I still haven't gotten the knack for decorating them very creatively, besides just smearing frosting on the cupcake.

So today someone told me I should actually get the very cookbook you are giving away, Hello Cookbook!, to learn some technique. So coincidence much? I need this book!

Mary Anderson

There is a cupcake craze. Just about every magazine I read, many of the blogs that I look at and even lots of stamp sets are all about cupcakes. I love them and have no problem sitting down and eating 3 of them all in one sitting. Not cool. Bot oh so good.



i need to win because i just can't get enough of baking books! everyone has been raving about this book on weblogs for the past couple months and i'd really love to give it a shot. :] and who doesn't love cupcakes?!


I NEED to win this book! My husband even proposed to me while I was baking cupcakes!


I need Hello Cupcake! because my cupcake decorating skills are seriously lacking in imagination. Not to mention, that with my friends dropping babies left and right, I seriously need to be prepared for the onslaught of kiddie party cupcake orders that will be arise in the coming years!


Oooh!!! I love cupcakes! I'll need to win this to help motivate me to bake them more often! :)


Not only would I love this book, but I need it to help keep me sane! Baking (cupcakes and bread in particular) is the one displacement activity that doesn't leave me feeling utterly guilty when I'm not working on my huge, long, very stressful masters thesis film. 10 minutes of animation is loads when you think about it - twenty five drawings per second. Oh my! Somehow I've discovered that cupcake making is one of a very few things that keeps me sane and prevents me from feeding my thesis to my gerbils. It doesn't hurt that my flatmates get to enjoy the aftermath - mmmm cupcakes.


i've wanted that book for soooo long!! i can't find it in singapore though. the only way i can get it is to buy it online.

and while i loveeee baking and cupcakes, i can't seem to decorate them properly. maybe this'll help! :D


I would love to have this cookbook! I've got 4 kids and it seems like everytime I turn around, someone needs a snack for some activity (and of course, there's the mother of all snack days - the Birthday Snack - for which cupcakes are perfectly suited). I've been eyeing this cookbook for a while, but keep thinking someone'll give it to me for a gift (alas, not yet). The cupcakes are absolutely adorable! Thanks for the chance to win!

Colloquial Cook

I NEED this book because cupcakes are actually the only food my roommate will eat. The poor thing.
Brilliant giveaway!

Diane S

Would love a chance to win this cookbook.
Cupcakes are one of my favorite dessert.
Thanks for the chance.


Hi, I'd love to win this cookbook because my daughter is getting married in May and wants to have cupcakes. So we need ideas and tips on techniques to decorate them! I think that's a great reason!


how cute! i've been eying this cookbook for a while now! i've always made cupcakes as special treats, but now finally got around to buying those fun shaped silicone cupcake holders- but of course am lacking creativity on what to create using them!!! this cookbook would help me for sure! :)


I need this book because I don't have a cupcake book, but I have all the tools I need to make cupcakes. Well, how can I make anything if I don't have the book? I don't know. So, I'm looking for this book for help.

ANN: AKA The wondering, hopeful cupcake maker.


Yum! I am a teacher and all my students know I am the cupcake queen- so they always bring me their cupcake treats first!


My goodness all those cupcakes look yummy and the cover of the book is incredibly cute! I need and want this book so I can make cupcakes like that!

Lisa P

I would love to win this cookbook! I so enjoy making cupcakes for the kids in school, scouts or any activity! I love to see their smiling faces when they see the cool cupcakes from Matthew's Mom. Thanks for the opportunity!


This is a really good giveaway! I would love to have this cookbook because my boys love cupcakes and I am not creative. This would probably help my lack of it. Thanks!

Silvana Wilson

Hi, I too love cupcakes and don't have this book (Liliana's sister) LOL


This book would be great. My 4 year old and I love to make cupcakes together and are always looking for ideas to make them fun and exciting.


I need this cookbook b/c I LOVE cupcakes! :)


I've been wanting this book for such a long time! I need it so that I can improve my decorating skills and impress all my family members with my baking

Sandra Gonzalez

I'd like to win this cupcake cookbook because I've fallen for the cupcake craze! I'm a new food lover. I don't know how I got here, but I'm addicted to food blogs and cook books. I'd love to make some animal cupcakes for my niece and nephew :)


Why do I need this book? Hmmmmmmmmmm... Because I absolutely LOVE anything cupcake! I cannot believe how popular they have become! Such DELICIOUS little treasures! LOL!


Oh wow...this is one book I don't have...a cupcake book. I'm gonna dream of this tonight! It's lovely Donna!


Donna--this book has been on my wish list for some time now! I would love to figure out a way to send some of these fun looking cupcakes to the Baking GALS recipient! Any ideas??!!


I have been drooling over this book!! I'm pregnant with my first child, and my goal is to be able to make her the best birthday treats ever! I think ALL of the cupcakes in this book would be a huge hit!

Leslie Richardson

I wrote you a cupcake song.
It is to be sung to the tune of "Hey Big Spender." Shirley Bassey sings it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4uO5Jn99Pzo&feature=related

And now, the lyrics:

The minute you plugged in the wall
I could see you were a tool of distinction
A real sharp blender
Good looking, so long,
Say wouldn't you like to swirl the cupcakes I've got on?

So let me get right to the point
I don't plop a blade in every dish I see
Hey, stick blender!
blend a little batter with me

Hey stick blender!
Hey stick blender!

Blend a little batter with me.


I NEED this book because my youngest niece is turning 7 November 30th and is a Martha Stewart wanna be. I would LOVE to give this to her so we could make oodles of fun and delicious treats together. :)

(found you at foodgawker - can't wait to check out the rest of your blog!)

Lori A.

I NEED this book! I have jumped on the cupcake craze and would love to have this book. I even signed my daughter up for a kids cupcake decorating class! :)


I need this book too!


I need this cookbook because I can't keep track of all the cupcake pages and sites I have saved after recently becoming obsessed with cupcakes...


Amy (Sing for your supper)

Cute cupcakes! Well, I need to win this cookbook because I only have one recipe for really good cupcakes and I feel like there are probably many more excellent ones out there...and probably in this cookbook! I haven't jumped in on the cupcake craze yet, but I feel I have the potential to be a cuppy-fanatic! Thanks a lot for doing this!


shelly p

Ok, I'm sure I'm the only one who really needs this book ( I know your saying ya right be real!!) because I love cupcakes and I love decorating them. The zucchini cupcakes looks so good and I would love to try them. (Yum yum)


My fiance' and I want to do cupcakes in place of the traditional wedding cake and I need this book to help me figure out what we want them to look like! :) Thanks for the opportunity to win!

kim kossa

I really need this book to impress my friends and family with something different for dessert.


I need to win because I like to impress my guests with unexpected goodies! And this cookbook would definitely help me to create the unexpected!


I work at a University and have a large student staff. I usually bake special goodies for them because they are the "typical hungry college students". I know they would love love LOVE the chance to eat the amazing cupcakes in this book.

Teresa in Tennessee

My daughter and I make a different cupcake or cake recipe every month. I think this book could keep us busy for a couple of years!

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