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October 21, 2008


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I have been wanting to try the whole silicone thing...now, I may just have to go out and get some! They are so pretty too!



Your pumpkin bread and muffins look SO good! I am really starting to crave something with pumpkin in it. It's weird how I don't think about it any other time of the year!

I am right there with you not liking nuts, and all the other add ins. I don't like nuts in my cookies or fudge either. (But, I do like butter pecan ice cream, and pistachio pudding. Go figure!)

If I am going to eat nuts, I prefer to eat them plain, straight out of the can or jar, not mixed into my recipes.

I have been wanting to try the silicone bakeware. Maybe, I will start with a muffin "pan" since I need new pans anyway.


i'm glad to hear such a rave review for the silicone muffin tins and cups! they're so pretty, too. As are your muffins. :)


I just got some of those silicone pans in the shape of pumpkins and leaves. perfect recipe for breaking in the new pans!

Mary C. Anderson

Thanks for writing about the silicone bakeware. I have been wanting to know if they melted. :) It sounds as though you are giving them a 2 thumbs up.

Your pumpkin pie bread and cupcakes look delicious.



These muffins would make a great loaf! Good idea. Your muffins look delicious. Yum!

Erika Martin - Stampin' Mama

Next time you come to visit, you'll have to make me a batch of that pumpkin bread. :)

food librarian

Oh, so yummy! What great shapes and variations. Delicious!


Perfect with chai, even without all the add-ins (which I loved). Nice looking loaves and muffins.


I'm with you about the add ins...blecchh! Are those the silicone papers inside the silicone muffin "tin"? They look so pretty!


Looks wonderful.

Next time I might make a bread out of it.


Just reading your post, I wish I still had some muffins left! Ah, but I do have some pumpkin purée in the freezer! :)

dining room table

I still remember my first time baking this recipe! It was really delicious! I am bringing it back for this Halloween.

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