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October 14, 2008


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I like cheesecake, but my husband absolutely loves it! His favorite is from the Cheesecake Factory, probably anything that has chocolate in it! I've never made a cheesecake before, but would sure like to give it a try! I've heard about Junior's and how people rave about it, so I have no doubt this cookbook has some great recipes in it.


OOOOOOOOOOOOOO YUM! I LOVE cheesecake! This time of the year, my favorite is pumpkin cheesecake!


Honestly, I'm not a cheesecake fan. I used to hate it, then I liked it, then I ate at the Cheesecake Factory, which made me hate it again. But, a local bagel shop/bakery has a special pumpkin cheesecake through November that it is selling for $42. For a cheesecake! So I'd love to get a recipe and pretend that I'll undercut their sales.


I love white chocolate raspberry cheesecake. YUM!

heather b

My favorite is just a simple New York style cheesecake with fresh strawberries. Though I have been known to inhale a turtle cheesecake on occasion. ;)


I love cheesecake and have actually never made it from scratch (even though I want to remedy that soon...). My favorite flavor would have to be key lime. I am not a huge chocolate fan and love all things citrus. I could TOTALLY put this cookbook to good use!!


Mmmm... cheesecake! Now this is a cookbook that I NEED to have! My favorite cheesecake is TGIFridays vanilla bean cheesecake. To.die.for. I hope I win!


Plain homemade is my favorite. If we go out, White Chocolate Raspberry!


So I was gonna say Cherry cheesecake-you know with the sweet gooey cherries on top, but then I saw raspberry swirl....mmmmmm, I might have a new favorite here!


I think my favorite would have to be pumpkin cheesecake!

Nancy P

Yummy!!! Cheesecake!!! My favorite is Turtle Cheesecake and this time of year I also like pumpkin cheesecake... But for breakfast is always the best way to eat it!!! Nancy P...


My favorite would have to be chocolate cheesecake. Or turtle cheesecake, yea, thats it, turtle cheesecake! :)


Absolute best, BEST cheesecake is Cassata alia Sciliana.


my favorite is a tie between key lime and vanilla bean. and i love this cookbook, i borrowed it from the library a few months ago and was so sad to see it go back. :)


I have just recently started eating cheesecake. I really enjoy the strawberry cheesecake.

They look too intimidating to make though. The whole "water bath" thing freaks me out!


Any kind of cheesecake is my favorite! lol I have never tried to make my own YET.


I love cheesecake! I'm simple and my personal favorite is regular cheesecake topped with cherries. Yum!

Gretchen Noelle

I (heart) cheesecake. I made a turtle cheesecake with dulce de leche and it was phenomenal!

Queen of the Click http://www.queenoftheclick.com

I live in Brooklyn, New York. Home of Juniors Cheesecake. It is definately the best cheeesecake in the world. Yes, my mother-in-law makes a great cheesecake, but no one is as good as Juniors. If I was planning to have Juniors Cheesecake, I wouldn't eat lunch because it is a heavy type cheesecake (rather than a light Italian cheesecake).

Queen of the Click http://www.queenoftheclick.com

I live in Brooklyn, New York. Home of Juniors Cheesecake. It is definately the best cheeesecake in the world. Yes, my mother-in-law makes a great cheesecake, but no one is as good as Juniors. If I was planning to have Juniors Cheesecake, I wouldn't eat lunch because it is a heavy type cheesecake (rather than a light Italian cheesecake).

Michele P.

Definitely the turtle cheesecake for me. Close second is the NY cheesecake with strawberries on top!

micaela6955 at msn dot com

food librarian

I've seen this book at the library and it is fantastic! I love any cheesecake with fruit!


This may sound boring, by my all time favorite cheesecake is a plain old, classic New York cheesecake with a slighly brown top. I love the purity of it, where the untempered cheesecake flavor is the star of the show.


Maybe I shouldn't admit this, but my favorite kind of cheesecake is the no-bake kind made with cream cheese, a pre-made gram cracker crust, and canned cherries...I know, I know, I should get out more.


I've never made cheese cake myself and only had it once. Then it was a lemon one and it was oh soooooooooo delicious! :)

Chocolate shavings

I love lime cheesecake with pistacchios!

Sheri Danielson

I LOVE turtle cheesecake. I don't get to eat it very often but oh my, what a wonderful treat!

T. Martin

1+ year in NY and I still haven't gotten to try a Junior's Cheesecake. People certainly seem to love their cakes...


Yum! My favourite is espresso with an oreo crust.


My favorite cheesecake recipe can be found at Epicurious.com -- Strawberry-Coconut Cheesecake is made with Malibu rum and Coco Lopez for a subtle difference in taste. Serve the strawberries on the side. Delicious! :-) Bev


I make mine from scratch! My favorite has to be my award winning recipe in the August / September issue of Taste of Home magazine! I won with my, "Mascarpone Cheesecake" recipe! Yum-O!


i've only ever made cheesecake from scratch once and it was really good. i like the plain kind, maybe drizzled with chocolate.


I echo Natalie - Raspberry White Chocolate - absolutely. Always fun to try various recipes just to be sure!


The Raspberry Swirl would have to be No.1 for me, followed by the Pumpkin and of course their classic plain NY Style with strawberries ;-) And... your's looks awesome!!


i love cheesecake w/ strawberry topping/swirl!

shelly p

I have only ever made Cheesecake from scratch and I enjoy making it when I find the time. I usually just make the plain Jane cheesecake so if I won the book I would have to try some of the other wonderful creatations and it sounds like fun and they look great. I hope I win because I cen't wait to try some.


i bet i've made some kind of cheesecake - probably the philly brand..my favorite is ALL of them!!
thank you for the opportunity to win this great cook book..


I make a Heath Bar cheesecake that is awesome! The recipe is on the back of the bag of Heath bar bits at the grocery store. Its so yummy!


I love the regular New York cheesecake with blueberry topping. Yummy.


Big fat lumpy New York cheesecake with a cherry topping.


peach cheesecake with a pecan sandie crust


Love homemade blueberry swirl cheesecake, yum!

Melinda W

My favorite cheese cake is the Turtle Cheese Cake from Sam's . . . and I love to eat my cheesecake FROZEN!!! (makes it last longer and I can keep it hidden in the freezer so no one else will find it - LOL!!)


I love chocolate peanut butter cheesecake.

...any cheesecake is good cheesecake.


I love so many variations, but if I had to pick one, it would be dulce de leche.

charna scarpati

My mother and I growing up would make cheesecake for the holidays. It was the one thing everyone asked for us to bring.


Tenay Hill

I love chocolate peanut butter cheesecake. Yum. However, cheesecake is my favorite, so I pretty much love all kinds.

Tammy Taliancich

Love, love love cheesecake- Just recently had pumpkin pecan pie cheese cake at the Cheesecake Factory - it was wonderful.
I make a yummy Sweet Potato Cheese cake with candied pecans on top! Yum Yum! Thanks for the give away - What a treat!


My husband and I were in New York earlier this year and ate at Junior's twice. Their cheesecake really is great, and I've been dying to have this book! If I had to choose a favorite flavor, I'd probably choose plain old regular cheesecake. I'm boring like that!

Teresa in Tennessee

I love a plain New York Cheesecake with a few fresh strawberries or blueberries!

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