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September 09, 2008


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Great job! Who knew there were different kinds of whoppers?!?


peanutbutter whoppers?! that's inspired! i'll have to look for them the next time i make these cookies.


I used PB whoppers too! Your cookies look yummy and I like the chai mix idea!


Your cookies look so delicious! Good idea to mix the chocolate. What a great presentation!


where are you people finding all of these delicious whopper flavors?? ;) these look so yummy, great job!


Chai mix! Wish I'd thought of that. Now, I'm on the lookout for malted milk recipes. ;)


Yours look so dark and delicious! Nice work!


I love how your plate of cookies and whoppers is just out there enjoying the sunshine! Great ideas for your subs - your cookies look amazing.


Chai sounds like a neat add - I'm trying to imagine it with PB and chocolate...

Heather B

Great improvising! They look tasty!


Oh man! My hubs would have been all over those PB whoppers! I totally have to find those now. Yum!
Clara @ iheartfood4thought

food librarian

Wow! These look great! The addition of the chai tea mix was brilliant!


Those look yummy. I might have to try them. I haven't ever seen the peanut butter whoppers before. I'll have to make a point of looking for them!


Dang. Those big rounded cookies look great. Chai sounds like it would be really good in a chocolate cookie. Really good.


Yummy, spiced chai cookies sound GOOD!


I love your tower of cookies surrounded by whoppers!

steph (whisk/spoon)

cool flavor subs! they look great!


I love your photos!


OMGoodness...I have some whoppers sitting on my coffee table as I type this...never knew they made PB kind...wowza! Will have to get this recipe.


Lo (BURP! Where Food Happens)

Ok, I've got to tell you that these look fabulous!

I've been craving cookies lately... and these are NOT helping :)

My Sweet & Saucy

When I saw Reeses in the title I knew I had to check these out! They sound fantastic!


They look wonderful.


Gorgeous cookies! I loved the pb whoppers in mine and the chai sounds like a great choice.


OMG Donna, I would have never thought of using the Malted Whopper Drops in a cookie. I would have thought it would turn out funny. I'll have to try next time I want to make chocolate chip cookies. You are brilliant Donna.


Okay. Boy am i late. But these look great! They are SO DARK! Yum.
But no PB for me, even though I used them too. PB is yuck. (I know, it's crazy...I think pregnancy did it to me. Haven't been the same since.)
Looking forward to your GALS post!


Your pictures are so lovely, as always! Way to improvise!


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