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September 23, 2008


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Cheryl Sims

What a great idea. I miss the garden too as my father in law had a wonderful one right by the side of our house (actually he had acres of garden) and I could go out and pick what ever I wanted. I may have to try the containers next year as I could put them on our deck. Have missed chatting with you on your blog--life happens!!


Hey hey! Wow, a successful herb garden on a sailboat! I tried to grow basil and oregano once in my kitchen, and they both died horrible deaths. I'm usually pretty good mothering plants so it was a sad day for me - especially since I was told that basil and oregano could take over the world if they wanted to - but yours look great. Tomato sandwiches are my not-so-guilty pleasure too, with fresh basil and a bit of [Vermont] cheddar on freshly baked bread!

Thanks for dropping by my blog. I really love the local community in Burlington and the farmer's market is my favourite place to visit on the weekend. They opened a new Healthy Living across from University Mall and I suppose you've already been to City Market (formerly Onion River Coop) downtown?

Jacqueline @ Toxo Bread

p.s. I never really baked (or cooked, for that matter) before coming to Vermont. A year later, I'm a baking fiend and discovered that people call Vermont the "baking mecca" of New England. A suitable title indeed :)


That's one terrific idea and I absolutely love it! Now all there's left for me to do is to get a boat ;)


Your plants look good and healthy! When I try to grow herbs in pots they don't do so well. My friend gave me a rosemary plant one year at Christmas shaped like a little Christmas tree and I killed it really quickly! Love the mojitos! I haven't grown mint... might have to do that next summer so I don't have to buy it!

margie ipock

We moved aboard our 45' house cruiser 3 months ago. I found your site trying to find out about container gardening aboard. Thanks! We are at dock in the Florida Keys. Do you know which vegetable plants are the best for the salt air here and the heat and if so when should I plant? Margie


That's wonderful =) Although Robin and I won't always be living at the same port, we want to grow a few herbs and veggies aboard. I've yet to do my research on what I can and shouldn't bring with us.

E-mail so we can chat about sailboats, gardening and cooking =)

Gardening Seeds

Thank you very much for the information I really appreciate it!!


Can you tell me more about your container choice, watering schemes, etc? I'm living aboard a 47' catamaran, and it's time and past time to get the garden going...


Interesting post....what about when you SAIL the boat......are you a CRUISER.....or just a LIVEABOARD?....I am 38 and My wife is 34..and German..I learned to bake PROPER bread in Germany....and it took awhile to set our boat up to bake underway....with the steam etc etc. we have done about 6 to 7 thousand miles a year since 2005 . I would LLOVE to do what you are doing BUT.....do the plants go below?.....or do you leave them above?.......doubting at least that the ones you mention on the bowsprit could stay?.....again ...GREAT post

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