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August 28, 2008


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Great post!! thanks so much - I'm thrilled to have you baking with us!!


I'm on the same team and sent biscotti, gum, mints and candy. Those brownies sure look good! Those will be some happy troopers. :)

Holly @ PheMOMenon

Those brownies look ah-maz-ing! Great job!

Cathy - wheresmydamnanswer

This is a great program - Being Married to a Marine who was deployed I sent packages every week and the guys loved it. Snacks - trail mix - all good for them!! One thing I learned never mail chocolate in the summer it is a mess when it arrives.


This is great! I'll be looking into it--my brother-in-law jsut got home from his second tour...we're very grateful to have him home safe--we need to support everyone as much as possible!

Melanie @ Mel, A Dramatic Mommy

Came over from Food Gawker. I adopted a soldier and just sent my first package 2 days ago. I didn't do anything homemade as I was curious to know how long it will take to get there.

A tip: I ordered free flat rate boxes from the USPS website and they delivered them to me for free. Hope that comes in handy.

I too am hoping to send out one box per month. The next one will definitely have something baked. I'll definitely stop be here for ideas. Thanks!


Just stumbled across your site through Food Gawker and wanted to say thank you for sharing this great info. about so many people sending homemade love to our troops! My husband, brother, and brother-in-law are all in different areas of the military and I send packages to them often. Some people tend to receive a lot of care packages while others receive none, so it's wonderful to send extras they can share. You could also organize a monthly cookie drive at your church to box up more items to send! It's a great way to find lots more people with time to bake one or two more dozen while you coordinate the collection. Great job and again, from a military wife, thank you!


Hi, I too stumbled here from Food Gawker.

Danielle, I have sent my hubby packages to Iraq on a Saturday and many times he receives them on Thursday or Friday.

I have been wanting to get great recipes for home made cookies and you have awesome ones posted here. I also now learned from you how to ship home baked goods.

I think what you're doing is awesome. Thanks for supporting our men and woman.


Opps sorry I typed Danielle a message but I meant it for Melanie.

The Cat's Pajamas

Hey there! I'm glad you took the advice, I had a wonderful time writing that up. I was shaking as I wrote about Operation Baking GALS because I think it's such a wonderful thing Susan has started. Our troops are very lucky to have supportive Americans such as yourself to boost their morale. Again, thank you so much for participating. This whole thing brings me to tears.

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