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August 19, 2008


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I would love to try these with dried cherries next time. And you're right... your cookies are perfectly formed!


WOWIE!! Granola cookies made and discussed by a granola queen!! What luck for the rest of us, this week! I love that shot of your cookie dough-ed hand with boats in the background. Much different than the way my hand looked, in Manhattan. :)


Looks great! I am always amazed by how much you can do on that boat! :)

Cheryl Sims

It just never ends with your blog. I am running out of towels because I am constantly having to wipe the drool off my keyboard and my mouth!!! I saved your granola recipe and will make it someday--probaby cutting it in half. Thanks for visiting with me today via your blog.


Those cookies are just beautiful. I got a tad messy making them myself.


yum, thanks for the recipe link! your cookies look perfect (and i used white choc too :) )


Two-fer? Three-fer? This is like a dozen-fer! That story is too cool, I'm jealous that you could do baking as a profession. Beautiful cookies.


Wow!!! These look perfect. A gold medal! The granola looks so yummy. Thanks for the recipe!

Cathy - wheresmydamnanswer

Granola cookies looks so great - what a healthy treat... These would be tasty with dried cranberries and maybe for sure the white chocolate as well - Great pictures as well.


I love ladybugs! Your cookies look yummy. Might have to give your granola recipe a whirl sans raisins. Great job!
Clara @ iheartfood4thought


Wonderful job! They look very yummy!
Love all your pictures!


I love Bear Naked--- I can't wait to read how they came about! Those look fantastic! It looks like even the ladybugs can't resist!


Your cookies look perfect! I am sure they tasted great! Thanks for link to your granola recipe. This is a great snack for the girls to bring to school (with no peanuts). Did I say school? YAY - only 1 week to go. Of course, I meant the girls are happy to go back - I will miss them terribly (she said with a wink).


Your cookies are perfect...you're the kitchen goddess! I love the picture of your hand covered in batter!
Shari@Whisk: a food blog


Hmmmm...I love white chocolate and cherries, what great additions to a great cookie!

Cindy King

I made the cookies. Didn't use the cherries, though. Used raisins cause I had them in the granola already. Added white Choc. Chips and semi sweet, a little of each. They came out Awesome! Definitely will make again!!! Thanks for the recipe!


I am looking for the white chocolate and cherry granola cookie recipe. I can't seem to find it, what am I doing wrong? It is probably right here in front of my face. Please help.

signs of heart attack

Bear Naked Granola
The recipe was easy and straightforward, giving us the choice to either make our own granola or use store bought granola. Since I only have one small rack in my EB-Oven, I decided to buy a bag of America's biggest granola sweethearts - Bear Naked Granola! This huge granola company was started by Brendan Synnott and Kelly Flatley - two middle school friends - who met in 1990 at the ages of 11 in Darien Connecticut.

goa honeymoon

Delicious dishes. Almond filled crescents, drizzle with glaze, anise biscotti and applesauce granola cookies are some great and easy recipes for delicious cookies.

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