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August 12, 2008


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I have to say I'm pretty boring with my pizza. I like plain cheese. I always like to paraphrase "Home Alone" when the kid gets his own cheese pizza and says, "Mmmm...a whole cheese pizza just for me." Every so often I'll get a veggie pizza if I'm craving veggies.

By the way, I did get the SNL quote, but it's funnier if you yell the end, like, "In a van DOWN BY THE RIVER!"

Cheryl Sims

I like a super deluxe pizza with all the trimmings. But, I must say that dessert pizza looks good enough to eat!!! I haven't gotten brave enough yet to try to make my pizza on the grill so if I win this book, maybe it will help my courage. Thanks.
Cheryl Sims

Roxane G

I fell in love with this combo earlier in the summer: pepperoni, kalamata olives, pepperoncini, and fresh mozzarella. YUM!


You had me at Marinated Flank Steak with Maple Chipotle Sauce & Roasted Vegetables. Holy moly that sounds good. I made a pizza that is inspired by living in Japan, where they seem to put corn on all of their pizza (not sure if that is true, but it was true everywhere I went!). Regular pizza (sauce, mozz) with white sweet corn, garlic, and fresh baby spinach. It sounds crazy, but it is actually really good! :)


My favorite pizza is a margherita pizza. I am a huge caprese salad fan, and this pizza just blends some of my favorite things.


My favorite pizza has to be prosciutto, fig, gorgonzola. Delish!

Cathy - wheresemydamnanswer

My favorite pizza is a pizza: Kalamata olives, Sundried tomatoes, Grilled onion and Feta cheese. YUM!!!
Congratulations on your 100th post!!


My new favorite which I grilled last week and told you about is my basil pesto, caramelized vidalias with feta! YUM!! Though, if I'm not making it my favorite pizza is sausge from Twins Pizza in Providence!


My favorite pizza is one I had in Rome last year, it was a potato pizza. Thin slices of potato atop light sauce and cheese. So yummy. I thought it'd be gross, and only ordered it because it was all they had left so late in the afternoon. So yummy.


Do I have to pick a favorite!?!
I guess if I must, then I'll go with chicken wing (as long as I get to dip it in blue cheese)! :-)


I love barbeque chicken pizza!


I have two favorites - white pizza loaded with veggies or scrambled egg and bacon. Yes, you're reading that right.

Melinda W

My favorite part is the crust!! I am a big dipper of pizza into a good marinara sauce or garlic sauce so I like a very good crust that is crunchy using corn meal on the bottom. I love bacon, sliced tomatoes, ham, pineapple and fresh mozzaralla cheese - this is making me so hungry right now!!!!!

flip lamken

Thin New York style pizza with the everything including peppercinis and anchovies.

Heather vB

I love peppers and onions on my pizza! But, a pizza I just made for the first time last week that I LOVED is made with fresh basil, mozzarella, and tomatoes. It was delicious!

I got the Chris Farley quote...I love that SNL sketch!

Connie G

I love any kind of pizza without a tomato sauce. Lots of veggies!! Chicken alfredo pizza is yummy!!

Lisa Imerman

This cookbook looks awesome and we love grilled pizza.

My favorite grilled Pizza is one on my homemade honey whole wheat crust (I need to find some more variety with my crusts)with homemade pizza sauce, a bit of homemade basil pesto, pepperoni (from a local smokeshop), carmelized onions, sauteed mushrooms and fresh mozzerella cheese. Heated till melty and the crust is crispy, oh so good!!


I got the Farley quote, I use it all the time!

My favourite pizza is too hard to pinpoint... but I just discovered I really like spicy olives with fresh pineapple on my pizza, great sweet/spicy combo.


My favorite pizza is canadian bacon and black olives...yummy!


My all time, absolutely 'died and went to heaven' favourite pizza is with buffalo mozzarella, freshtomatoes, shredded basil and drizzled with olive oil - Pizza Margherita.
I ate this pizza in Italy and pizza took on a new meaning!!

Cindy King

That cookbook looks AWESOME! The flank steak and maple.... That sounds so good. I really need some new ideas for pizza, I'm getting bored with my favorite, sauted mushrooms and onions. We just got a George Foreman electric grill. I have to try grilled pizza on it!


ohhh i love grilling pizza! pineapple and ham pizza is my favorite!



Must have deep dish, thin crust, round, square. Lots and lots of veggies, onions, mushrooms, peppers, pepperoni and sausage. Topped with tons of mozzarella cheese and sprinkled with parmesian over all.

what more can I say.

Debby Boltman

My favorite pizza is lotsa lotsa gooey yummy cheese. I need a good dough recipe. Got one of those? I also need to convince my dh to grill a pizza. He always looks at like I must be crazy :-}

Lori A.

I have never tried pizza on the grill. I mentioned it to my husband the other day when I saw it on your blog. Definitely something I'd like to try! My favorite pizza is a thick crust (or even a stuffed crust...mmm!) with canadian bacon and mushrooms!


Well...if we're ordering out my fave to get is chicken, bell peppers and pineapple. If we make it homemade...I like to do a mexican style pizza with ground beef with taco seasoning, black olives, jalapenos and TONS of cheeses...cheddar, jack, mexican cheeses etc...so yummy.



I love the dessert pizza!! But my favorite would probably have to be a cheese pizza. Maybe it's boring, but load on that cheese and I'm a happy girl!


Oh gosh..my favorite..I love them all!!
Ok..I am going to pick my Veggie Pizza.
Lots of fresh Veggies and lots of cheese,
and a nice thick crust!
Pizza on the grill was surprisingly easy
and Very delicious!!
Thanks for a chance to WIN this cookbook
with lots of amazing recipes to try :)



BBQ chicken with red onions and banana peppers


fresh tomatoes,feta cheese,lemon peel and cilantro.


I love any pizza with a white sauce. Chicken garlic comes to mind. But I also love the BBQ Chicken pizza too. I gotta try that funky monkey pizza. It looks like a party all by it's self. :)


We have Friday pizza nights in our home, so this would be perfect. Our favorite combination so far is salami and pepperoncini. Yum!

Michelle M.

I love deep dish Chicago style pizza with sausage, onions, and peppers. I wish I knew how to make it!

Anu Schnuck

my favorite pizza has anchovies and sauteed baby bella mushrooms and a homemade tomato sauce with fresh basil from my herb garden :)

The Cat's Pajamas

Okay. I saw your picture of grilled pizza earlier this morning made a little mark on my notebook to come back. Apparently, it was meant to be. My favorite pizza: New York Style crust, just a drizzle of sauce, turkey pepperoni, spinach, black olives and fresh sliced tomaotes. Oh yeah. Now I need pizza.


Wow - this is a task, picking a favorite pizza. I'm torn between tomato-fresh moz-basil, BBQ chicken with smoked gouda, or tons of veggies (shrooms, green peppers, onions, and olives)... I think in the end, it's the cheese that "makes it" and smoked gouda has been 'on the brain' lately so I'll go with that. Been meaning to try grilling pizza... looks like I have no excuse now!

Catherine Kraft

All of your pizza's looked great, especially the dessert ones - yummy!! I'd love to own this cookbook as we love pizza and want to do pizza-game nights this coming fall time with all our family. I could use some new ideas. Congrats on your 105th!! I miss Stevie B's Potato ranch pizza - it was so yummy!!

Cook'n Hugs,

Cathy Kraft

Carolyn Sharkas

I absolutely love plain ole pizza with pepperoni, mushrooms, italian sausage and onions. Nothing special, but I think this would be awesome on the grill. Gonna make a trip to find the pizza dough this weekend. Thanks for tempting us with all these gorgeous pizzas.


Love the dessert pizzas with fresh fruit toppings!! Mmmmm,


I love a variation on the "Hawaiian" pizza - canadian bacon, pineapple, and black olives. Always serves me well :)


My absolute favorite pizza is Pizza Margherita!


My favorite pizza is a pink pizza with bacon. Mmmmm good!


I love pizza but don't like melted cheese, so I go with roasted sliced eggplant, sun dried tomatoes,caramelized onions, baby spinach, sliced green tomatoes and low fat feta cheese on whole wheat crust. I don't usually use tomato sauce unless I have a little left over. And sometimes I throw pine nuts on it. And a magic splash of my favorite herb mix. And for a little more zippiness, I have a garlic sauce that I can use for dip. This pizza is good cold too. but it usually doesnt last long enough.

Kristin in OH

Well..I guess I am one of the ones that lives in the van down by the river..lol I have NEVER heard of grilled pizza! Sounds awesome though. We do live in the country with a corn field across the road though, so maybe I just don't get out much. lol Anyways, I hope this hasn't been mentioned yet, but I love spinach pizza. Scrumptious!

Denise in AZ

My favorite pizza is sausage, onion and beef! I call it my SOB pizza! If I don't have that, it's CHEESE!!!!

Debi Ryan

Hello- I have found you through your daughter's stamping web page. I love the projects that incorporate home baked goods with stamped packaging. As for my love of grilled pizza, I love anything with vegetables, but I am especially partial to the asparagus and artichoke one.

A great big thank you to both you and your daughter for all that you so lovingly share!! Your creativity is inspiring!!

Debi Ryan


Oh I love all kinds of pizza! Whether it's an ooey,gooey cheese pizza or if you add just tomatoes and basil to it or pepperoni and sausage or trim it with the works, pizza is my absolute favorite food. I've never had grilled pizza though so I can't wait to try that. :)


Stephanie B

My favorite pizza is mushroom and red onion. Yum!


I have a couple of favorites...onions and sweet peppers are my usual choice but every so often I like a Hawaiian Pizza...reminds me of a vacation we had in Ixtapa, Mexico...Ixtapa was very young and undeveloped at the time and there were very few restaurants...so few that by mid-week we had visited them all. This little pizza place was our favorite lunch spot. Hawaiian Pizza was their specialty.

Rita Remstedt

I love all sorts of pizza. I haven't tried grilling. I would like to try a tomatoe and artichoke heart with lots of cheese. So many possibilities...

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