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July 04, 2008


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Mmm, your cobbler looks delicious. I like your baking pan, too. =)

Cheryl Sims

Oh yes!! This sure does look good. I must see if I still have a bag of frozen berries in the freezer to make this. I see you put a heart in the center of yours too!!

Karen R

Looks yummy! Happy Fourth!


Love those berries and that stoneware pie pan is a must! Cobbler is delicious any day of the week and yours look absolutely wonderful.

Good dessert for the 4th of July!

Mary C. Anderson

Oh my, this cobler looks so yummy.



I sure would like to make this but I wonder how many weight watcher 'points' it might be. > Probably a lot, but I might be able to squeeze it in. Thanks for this wonderful recipe. Berries are on sale this week. Judy {:>)


This sure looks delicious!
I can't wait to try this one :)
*Have a great weekend!

My Sweet & Saucy

Looks like a great cobbler to me!


What a beautiful cobbler! I love the pan and the cute heart & curves on the top!


Mmmmm - that looks GORGEOUS, Donna!!! Hope you had a fabulous 4th! *smile*


hey stranger! this sure looks tasty! just looking at it reminds me how good it was!

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