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July 16, 2008


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Rachelle ~

Ooh chocolate pie! Looks delish!


Your pie is beautiful! You've inspired me to get out the old pastry bag next time.


this is the most gorgeous pie - i made the pudding yesterday, and now i guess i need to make another batch to use in a pie like this one. my thighs thank you. :)

Holly @ PheMOMenon

I had planned to make pie too, but couldn't wait to eat - no patience. Looks great!


Wow, how beautiful is that pie?? Almost too cute to eat... ok, I'd probably eat it anyway. Tuesdays with Dorie looks like a lot of fun! Do you always use the From My Home to Yours book, or others too? I'd like to do it, but I can't go out and buy a million books just right now. And if you're busy one week, is it forgivable to miss a TwD?


that is the way to use this pudding. looks like i have something else to try!


Your pie looks beautiful! Such nice details with your decorating :)


That looks so great - I am drooling over this one as chocolate is my weakness..



How you cook on a boat, I'll never know! And make things look so beautiful and professional to boot! My father LOVES pudding pie, so I'm going to have to follow in your footsteps and make this for him when I visit him this weekend!

Kristy - Where's My Damn Answer

Great post. I love the pastry bag artwork too. :-D


What a wonderful job you did! Your pie looks amazing and so do the pictures (good enough to eat!). Chocolate pudding will never be the same.


Did I read this right? Did you do this on a boat???? Holy cow, this is fantastic. I have the same memories with chocolate pudding with skin from our boarding school.


AH! is there anything more delicious than a chocolate cream pie? from your photos - nope. i want a slice!


That looks wonderful!

noskos [Living the Life]

Nice looking pudding pie!

Madam Chow

I was planing on making the pudding again, but now I think I'm going to make pudding pie!

Madam Chow

I was planing on making the pudding again, but now I think I'm going to make pudding pie!


Awesome. Love those 'billowy clouds' of cream :D


What a pretty, pretty pie. Great job!


mmm.sooo pretty! Oh and I bet it was just delicious!!

Karen R

You did it, again! The pie looks good enough to eat. Send me some.

Nancy @ A Recipe A Day

I KNEW this pudding would be great in a pie ~ thank you for confirming it! Your pie looks delicious.


OMG, it looks ever so scrumptious and beautiful! A wonderful treat!




I love how you sound so enthusiastic, lol. Makes me want to go out and try this again.

Your pudding-pie looks FAN-tastic!


Very very impressive. I love it!


Gorgeous! One of our favorite local restaurants, the Blue Plate Diner, serves a deep-dish chocolate cream pie that we love. Now I know how to make it!

And here's a second Barbara who wants to go out and buy a pastry bag!

Kerri aka Fuglies

mmmm....makes me think of great grandma's chocolate cream pie. I'm making your pie crust and chocolate french silk pie tonight again. THREE Of them!!! One for tomorrow at work (to share), one to take to Hildie's tomorrow, and one to have for dessert on Sunday, when my friend Steph, comes over


That is absolutely gorgeous! (And I'm very impressed with your foresight.)


I have to admit, I'm a skin-hater. Can't stand the stuff. I was really happy when I first learned that you can avoid it with the plastic wrap trick. I love the piped whipped cream on your pie--looks delicious!


i love what you did w/the pudding! thanks for the pie crust recipe :) now that i have tackled dorie's i would like to try others.

Modified mummy

I have always wondered what on earth chocolate pudding was. I'd hear it mentioned on tv programmes from America that got aired over here, but never knew what it actually was.

I stumbled on your post, and am currently making this pie, and obviously the pudding to boot! Looks just like chocolate custard to me, lol. Thank you very much.


I love the fact that you turned this one into a pie; was wondering if anyone was going to take that route. And I think your solution to "no rolling pin" is brilliant. :)


They looked heavenly. This really starts up my day! :D


YUM! This looks so delicious and such a creative idea! I can't wait to try myself!

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