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July 22, 2008


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The cinnamon was probably a nice addition...but not with chocolate ice cream! Glad you enjoyed it and it looks great!

Cheryl Sims

Sounds like all your husband heard was "chocolate"!!! Makes me laugh because that is just what my husband would do. I like rhubarb and miss it here in NC. We had some "pie plant" in PA when we lived there and all I had to do was go out in the back yard and pull out some. We called it pie plant. Have you ever heard that? Anyhow, this looks good.


beautiful job on the cobbler, i can't imagine baking under those conditions!!! i would have liked more fruit in there as well... next time :)


MEN!! What you made looks fantastic, even without the ice cream. So glad your oven is up and running - now I know you'll be able to make our meals when we are visiting.
(no, i never get tired of that.) (and I will keep mentioning it until one day you just say, well, she's actually coming, so I'd better bake, because this chick is outer limits.)

Heather B

Your cobbler looks delicious! Great job!


*sigh* Sometimes guys astound me :) Peaches and nectarines sound like they would definitely sweeten up this cobbler - great idea!


I'm also of the opinion that this one needs a higher fruit to cobbler topping ratio. Next time...

Glad you found the result worth the discomfort of heating the oven!


You are a brave soul. Eating cobbler with chocolate ice cream? We all thank you for your sacrifice. ;-)


Mmm, peaches sound good. I love all your fruit pictures.

Erika Martin - Stampin' Mama

But you left out the part about Dad buying the chocolate ice cream because he knew that it was Grandpa's favorite ice cream. He had good intentions, just crappy hearing. ;) And to his defense, you DID say no wacky flavors. Chocolate isn't wacky. Maybe with fruit cobbler it is, but not necessarily by itself. :)

Kerri aka Fuglies

Looks good to me! I wonder how it would taste with the Ranier cherries in it, rather than the red ones. I have been enjoying them since they are only around for another week.


Men, huh? Clueless sometimes aren't they lol ;)

Your pictures do look great :)


looks wonderful!! i like how you pushed the balls down a little...i just put mine on and they baked in ball form ha! so i smushed them down a bit during baking.


Adding the yellow is definitely colorful in your blue dish! Beautiful. Great job!
Clara @ iheartfood4thought


Too funny. Some men make me laugh..especially my husband. They truly do have selective hearing and I don't think they even realize it!

I like your pictures and it sounds like it turned out wonderful..glad you went to get the ice cream you really wanted! See you next week.

dianne shiozaki

My Mouth is watering..can I come over??


You were right about the color combo! Gorgeous!


Lovely pictures! Sounds delicious!


Oh, bless him! Sometimes husbands and boyfriends, make mistakes on purpose in the hopes that we'll relieve them of their duties...tee-hee!


who said chocolate and fruit don't go together??? :)

after all the recipes we've made, i've come to the conclusion that dorie likes a much higher crust to fruit ratio so i'm going to increase (maybe even double) all the fruit in her recipes from now on! :)

all your photos look great, even if there isn't a finished pic

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