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July 08, 2008


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Cathy C

Your timing could not be better as I just bought from Costco yesterday a huge container of fresh blueberries.

Now they have a very important purpose!!!



Nice recovery! I love your rolling pin. The pie was lovely.


I agree on the butter - my all shortening pie crust is much easier to work with. Your pie (soup?) looks like it was tasty though!


I especially like that you drank from your rolling pin while the pie baked. It is gorgeous. And those boat challenges you have--can't even imagine! Nice job!

Kelly H

The wine bottle/rolling pin is brilliant!


of course, YOU would think of using a wine bottle as a rolling pin. i personally think your pie looked yummy...and you can make me one of yours when we come to visit so that i can compare. :)


Your pie looks delicous. I want that Pampered Chef pie plate! I agree with you about the filling, mine too was a little runny. Next time I will try your pie pastry recipe! Great pictures!

Mary Ann

Looks delicious. great job~


Oh, I had the same rolling pin for years! I never chilled it though. Fabulous idea.

steph (whisk/spoon)

looks good, but i'd love to see it with your recipe, too!


Donna~ I don't know what you're talking about, I think that pie looks beautiful... then again, I don't think I've had the opportunity to feast my eyes upon *your* blueberry pie!... I'll have to do some searching... or maybe waiting?


Looks like you ended up with "blueberry and ice cream soup" pie! lol! I actually wish my filling had been a bit runnier, I thought it was too thick. Yours is much more to my liking! :)


no ovena nd no rolling pin, but that pie still looks yummy! and ice cream is perfect for a little soupy pie!


Love the ingenuity of using a wine bottle to roll it out! Your crust looks perfect!
Shari@Whisk: a food blog


Inquiring minds are curious... if Nirvana's gone, where did you bake this beauty?


I agree, cornstarch is better, for my second batch I used preserving sugar (containing pectin) and starch which end in a satisfying result.I had the same problem...


It might not have been pretty once it was cut, but it was gorgeous before that. Great job!


My oven is broken too, so I feel your pain!!! I love juicy pies, so please feel free to send all your juicy pies my way! ;-)

S for Kitchen Confit

I always love a great Dorie recipe - and I love you idea for using a chilled wine bottle for a rolling pin - genius!


It had so much butter in it that it was dripping out of the pie plate. Is that not normal? It was almost too much for me, and I'm a butter-makes-everything-better girl. :D

I'm in love with how easy it rolled out using plastic wrap though. Honestly, I'll do that over the Pillsbury sheets anyday. And the husband is already asking when I'm going to do an apple pie with that crust.


Gorgeous pie! Love your rolling pin, too!

Out Ofkey

How torturous to look at that on an empty stomach! Tthat blueberry soup actually looks so delicious! How much cornstarch would you suggest using if you were to make this again? I'm dying to make blueberry pie but they are so expensive at the moment! I'll save this recipe for later I guess!

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