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July 02, 2008


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I love fresh basil. I typically keep pots of it on my deck railing in the summer. Might you be able to do this on the boat?

Cheryl Sims

Boy, I miss my basil too. I used to grow it before we moved to NC. Now I can't find it anywhere--not even in the grocery stores. I bought some jarred pesto to make your pasta, pesto, and peas recipe. Thanks.


Where is this farm?! I haven't been to a farmer's market or farm yet and would LOVE to go to one--esp. one that has beautiful basil like that! My bail isn't doing so hot this year--nor did any of my herbs take hold :(

Kerri aka Fuglies

ooooh I remember when you used to make your own basil. THe house would smell so good. I just got some the other day and made Dad's dressing, and pasta salad with it. Brought back so many memories.


mmmm... I love pesto!

... and I've awarded you the Arte y Pico Award!
Check out my blog to get it:


Oh, I'm with you. I do the same with my basil - make pesto and freeze it for the year. This year we've got more varieties than usual, so I should have some interesting variations. And Morris farm - I was there about a month ago. One of these days our paths will cross - maybe both reaching for the same thing at a farmers' market...

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