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June 19, 2008


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I was wondering where you've been! Congrats on the new boat. I am still in awe that you bake so many goodies in your tiny kitchen. I can't complain about my little kitchen anymore huh? HAHA


WOW! Congratulations! When you're all organized, I'll have to pop over for the grand tour! :) That's great...get your oven fixed! hehe


So awesome! I completely understand about not wanting to leave your old boat - probably lots of memories and quite a sentimental attachment. But hooray for three burners and a (soon-to-be) working oven! I look forward to seeing your TWD posts again.


I can sympathize about Nirvana! Not exactly the same thing, but I was sad trading in the car I'd had for ten years...it wasn't an it, it was my traveling companion for many years and many miles. But I got over it. Eventually. :)

Ladyhawk is gorgeous - and the space! Yay for you! Oh - and all that wood - beautiful!!


Congratulations on the new boat!
I think most people can relate to the feeling of loss you're having right now. :-(
Can't wait to see you back in action, I've missed you!!!


oh wow, donna! I am so glad to know you hadn't just fallen overboard. your new home looks great - um, i know we only met recently, but i want to stay in your "guest quarters!" don't bother emailing me back, i know you are going to say YES, so I am already in the car on the way up. hope you like babies.
Congrats on the move! Get that oven up and running!

Cheryl Sims

Congrats on the new boat. You will get over your sadness when the new boat has been made "yours" and not just peeing in it. It will feel like home when you know exactly where all of your kitchen items are rather than opening one drawer and cupboard after another looking for what you want. Hope you get the oven working soon. Don't get overtired.


Your boat is beautiful! Lucky girl! Have fun!

Karen R

Your new boat/home looks beautiful. I hope you'll be cooking and baking up lots, soon.


Congratulations! Your new boat looks beautiful. Love that wood! Both of you deserve it too with all that hard work you have been doing.

Nirvana gave you great memories as will Lady Hawk. Welcome back!

Robyn, Maine

Congratulations! I just sent DH your blog site....I could be in trouble....he is a boat man in his heart of hearts....Enjoy your new abode!


Congrats!!!! That is so exciting and it looks BEAUTIFUL from the pictures you have up! I love the wood (my in-laws boat has lots of wood inside too)...have you christened her with going backward over her shadow yet?


Donna, I'm so jealous! What a perfect life to feel like your on a holiday all the time. I wouldn't be telling everyone that you now have room for company. You never know who may come a knockin. I'm already looking on my map for NEWPORT!!!!

Shawn K

Congrats on your new digs! It looks lovely and so spacious. I'm sure as you stretch out and enjoy all your new space that Nirvana will remain a sweet memory for you. Change is always hard..even when it's good! Now go cook something and make us all happy :)!

Glad you are back!

Shawn K.


Hi! Congratulations on your new boat! We are planning to move soon and I feel the same about our current home as you feel about Nirvana. I understand. It is happy yet sad all at the same time. Have fun with everything :-)

Mary C. Anderson

Oh my gosh! Your new home looks beautiful. I love all of that wood. I am so happy for you.Now you will have lots more room and that will be awesome.

I think it is always sad to leave a home that you have cared for and loved. You will be fine as soon as your not working so hard on both of your boats.

Congratulations Donna.



A sad but happy moment for you I'm sure! Congrats on the new home Donna!


A sad but happy moment for you I'm sure! Congrats on the new home Donna!


Love all boat pix, what a fabulous way to live! Looking forward to seeing what you'll be whipping up in your new oven!


i still can't believe you bake on a boat! congrats on the new home :)


i still can't believe you bake on a boat! congrats on the new home :)


Really cool lighthouse cushion donna diegel.

amir mohamed abd el dayem

I need agood boat to i working in acompany for torism

fabio bertuol

i`v been looking for a nice little liveabord boat for sale to fulfill this dream that i have since i was 14.
if nirvana is still arrond please send me an email
congratulations on the beautiful new boat


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