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June 03, 2008


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Brandy sounds just incredible. I love the pictures, your brownie looks so...hedonistic. It seems like your get together was fun too.


Lovely pictures and variation!


What a beautiful field of cherries! I can't wait for them to be in season again...


Sounds like a match made in heaven! Your brownies look great!


Donna, your brownies look spectacular! Great pictures too. What a great idea to use cherries and brandy.

Too bad we don't live across the dock!


These cherries are gorgeous! So glad you mentioned that brandy works. I love your tips.


Love all the cherries!


look at those beautiful bright cherries...i love your variations!! i did raspberry and chambord hehee...minus the flambe!!


Your brownies are fabulous looking! So are the cherries! I could gorge myself on both! Well done!


What beautiful pictures! Great job!


Sweet pics! I used strawberries and grand Marnier...I hope you would approve! BTW - my big eclairs didn't turn out quite as nicely as their smaller counterparts - but I will try again, as they still tasted good!
Thanks for all of your encouragment!


ooooooh...now we're talking.

steph (whisk/spoon)

good-lookin' brownies! i'll have to poke around the wine shops down here for that aussie shiraz!



Heather B

yummm! Your brownies look delicious! Great job!


I love your brownies!! Your pictures are beautiful!


You make everything look oh so fabulous!!! I bet they were amazing with the cherries but the raisins were a nice addition as well.


Oh, I would never say no to wine and chocolate! And those cherries look fabulous, I bet they were great with the brownies. :)


Mmm, wine with brownies. Sounds good to me. The cherries look beautiful, even if I wouldn't eat them. =)


Job well done, they look great!


Brandy and cherries! YUM! Fabulous pictures. Great job!
Clara @ I♥food4thought


I want to be your neighbor!


Wish I had a cherry tree in my yard - they're so expensive at the store. Your picture of them is stunning!


What a beautiful pic of those cherries! And those brownies...well, what can I say.... You're making me drool again. lol tfs


I like the pic with the cream and cherry topped brownie. Just delicious.

Ulrike from Küchenlatein


wow, those cherries are beautiful!! i used dried cherries too...couldn't really taste the rum, though. look at that perfect little brownie on the plate, just waiting to be eaten! :)

Karen R

Wow, they look so good!


I also went the cherry route and was quite pleased. I beg to differ on the 'doesn't dirty many dishes' though. :)

I love the way you plated your brownies... the luscious fresh cherries hinting at the surprise inside.


I think wine and chocolate are always a good pair! And your photos look gorgeous with all the fresh cherries. Nice job!!


Man oh man, those look FABULOUS! Sail this way, would ya?!? (Promise, I'll provide the wine!!)


I can't wait until a couple weeks from now when I'll be picking fresh cherries from my Grandparents' orchard!


yum yum yum.. just love em!!! :))

Greets from BFC!!!!

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