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May 27, 2008


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This is a recipe I'll definitely have to keep in mind the next time I do a TWD Rewind. They are just too sinfully delicious looking to pass up!


they look soooo tasty!
also, the cinnamon rolls are not as hard as everyone is saying, and they're worth the effort of the dough!

steph (whisk/spoon)

OMG--i must make these!! wow!


I love these designs! You always know how to raise the bar, even on a lowly pan of brownies. ;)


Between last week and this week, I've seen enough photos of these brownies to realized that I've got to make them. They're one of the half dozen recipes from before I joined. But not this week, since I have other brownies to bake. =)


i have a friend that would die for these - she loves chocolate - so quintuple chocolate is right up her alley!

Erika Martin - Stampin' Mama

ooooooooh! These are JUST as delicious looking as what you made them sound!

Gretchen Noelle

These look delectable and so beautifully decorated!


You know, I contemplated making these, and skipping the buns - and your photos makes me wish I had!! The buns were good but chocolate is always better!!!


wowzers, those brownies look amazingly decadent! love how you decorated them!

Madam Chow

Whoa - I haven't made these yet, and I sure appreciate all the tips!

Lori A.

Wow...WOW! Those look so yummy!


I love that chocolate dripping off the top of the brownie picture. Sinful! I hope you get the chance to make the sticky buns in the future. Trust me. They are worth it!
Clara @ I♥food4thought


These look ravishing! I loved the glaze, and thanks for a very detailed post!

btw, these brownies would be a great addition to the Monthly Mingle food blog event I'm hosting on my blog; pls take a moment to check the details, I'd be glad if you could participate!:)


These brownies look amazing on TasteSpotting!!


I haven't made these yet but I just might break out the chocolate very soon! Thank goodness next week's recipe is brownies! Thanks for the white chocolate glaze tip, I like the thick layer as you did, mmmmm, beautiful!


donna those look SO CUTE and rich...!! i made them for TWD last week and they were crazy rich. i cut them into TINY pieces and that was more than enough! love your swirls and hearts decor.


Those brownies look like big chunks of chocolaty love! YUM!


Those look yummy!! And the china is so pretty! Great photos!

My Sweet & Saucy

That chocolate drip is making making me smile! They look so good!


Thanks for the link to these. I enjoyed your write up and your notes are especially helpful. I agree with almost everything - I was wondering why I had to take the brownies out of the pan to put the glaze on and then put it all back into the pan. Wouldn't the pan sides have contained the drips? And there really wasn't enough glaze.

Did you use a smaller pan than 9x9? Your brownies are so nice and thick! Any your pictures are fabulous!!

Unique Chocolate Gifts

Thank you for sharing this one....those chocolates are amazing they can really attract customers most especially the kids who really love to it chocolates.

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