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May 06, 2008


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Wow - that looks absolutely spectacular! Now I'm regretting giving all of mine away!


Wow! Great pics! I wish I had given mine all away...


Fabulous presentation! I love it!!!


I love your torte! It looks great and glad your boat didn't give you any issues in finishing it...I can't believe how tiny your oven is! Great job!


Ok, this does it. I have to buy Dorie's book and join the Tuesdays with Dorie! This looks absolutely amazing!


Oh, wow, what a gorgeous cake! You definitely took it uptown. ;)


Wow I think yours is the best that I have seen yet! Love your pics!


Wow, Donna, that looks incredible! I love the way you decorated it. Nice touch with the peanut butter kisses, too. I've never tried those.


My God!!! What a cake! Scrumptious!


omg...you're killing me here! That look so amazingly delicious and sinful! gah! Great job!


Your cake looks divine! I would be tempted to have a bite even though I can't eat peanut butter. Your pictures are amazing!
Great job Donna!


"Looks Delicious"
Truely wonderful post...
Beautiful pictures.
I will definately give this one a try :)
Thanks for sharing.



Great job! Your plating is stellar!


Awesome job on your torte! I am making this torte in 2 weeks for a friends birthday. I am definitely book marking yours for decorating inspiration!


Just great, Donna ~ YOU made the cake (oops; torte ~ looks more like a lovely cheesecake to me!) in your houseboat (hey, it's a boat and your house ~ that qualifies!! *smile*), yet somehow, I look at that SCRUPMTIOUS picture and just gained TEN POUNDS!!! *grin* My oh my, I think I may just have to purchase that cookbook too (the cookbook library just keeps expanding ~ and what a good thing TO expand! *grin*), but with beautiful recipes like that in it, why NOT! And TWD sounds like FUN! (The members definitely do! *smile*)

Gorgeous job ~ love the torte, and the plating!!


Wow this looks just amazing, definitely a beautiful presentation! and you did it on a houseboat? I am in awe!!

Cafe Johnsonia



Great torte! Looks delicious!
I'm so jealous that you have a boat. I grew up boating and I miss it. I fondly remember those tiny refrigerators.


Erika may be drooling, but I'm complaining LOUDLY!! I want some of that torte!!! I'll have to try making some of this stuff when I get my propane delivered, and then take it into work. I have taken something as simple as cheese pie in, and they say I should own my own bakery, or work there. RIGHT! Can you see me baking in the kitchen, rather than out with the customers? NOT!


Gretchen Noelle

My goodness you sure have the ability to nicely finish off everything you make. Your "torte" looks just perfect! Great, great job!


Your photos of this delectable torte are downright dangerous! LOL I've simply got to make this now. Who doesn't like chocolate and peanutbutter together? And ganache - there's no better way to consume chocolate than ganache!! I'm throwing my scale away!!! LOL




Love the shot with the pie with a bite out and the fork and all the little swirlies. Very creative with your cake.


Incredible! Gorgeous!!!


Wow, you go all out. Love the decorations! It's amazing what you pull off with an "easy bake oven" on a boat! Great job!


this looks A-mazing! I'm going to save these pics for ideas! I've loved getting to know your blog!!!

steph (whisk/spoon)

that's fancy, yo! looks just like a bakery! and i had no idea hershey's had PB kisses...


Beautiful presentation!


This is such an incredible presentation! What a gorgeous torte!


Turned out gorgeous...great decoraing.


You overachieving chocolate slut! Really!


I'll bring my own fork! Seriously - looks just yummy! I read another blog that does this same Tw/Dorie and yours is always better!!


The decorations look amazing!


Wow! I've just found your blog...wow...I'm so happy that I did! This is such a beautiful dessert!


Donna--BEAUTIFUL!!!!! Puts mine to shame!!! I LOVE the Oreos on the top--this looks like something you'd buy from Greg's!!!


Wow, that's above and beyond; it looks amazing. Great work!



you just have got me drooling all over my computer!!!!1 i must must make this for a party soon. there's no way i could bake this and eat it all by myself LOL!!

you do go all out in the decorations and everything, hats off to you! you inspire me with all your posts. ;) and sense of humour hee!

by the way, just a question - the drizzling, is it white chocolate or whippe cream? :D



Mary C. Anderson

I am sitting at my computer and drooling while I look at the photos of this delicious Peanut butter Torte that you've made. Your neighbors must love you.


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