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May 04, 2008


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Erika Martin - Stampin' Mama

Geez, you sure aren't subtle, are you????

I thought you already DID love me forever!!!

You make me laugh, you mother of mine.


Ummm...let me guess. You want the Kitchen Aid 9-speed Hand Mixer for Mother's Day?! LOL! Hope you get your hearts desire!


I love it! So subtle and yet down to the point.

Guess what you'll be receiving for Mother's Day!


She only gets it if she makes me good stuff and sends it to me. Erika has more time on her hands to cook. I like to cook, but work full time at a restaurant, so I'm not about to cook/bake when I get home.

So....mom.....if we buy you this pretty shiny mixer, you gonna make me stuff and ship it to me??? All the girls at work are drooling over your stuff too. Some of them visit the site, others, I tell about the stuff you make. hehee!


I was hooked by the red mixer....and by the Spice Girls lyrics! I hope you get what you want- good choice with the chrome, though. I actually have the red stand mixer and wish I had gotten the chrome....bold colors are like dated hairstyles sometimes!


Too funny! With all that hype, offering to send them the link, AND add to that that they're on SALE, I can't even imagine how you wouldn't be receiving one of these babies for Mothers' Day! Depending on how many adoring kids (who also read your blog -lol) you have, you just may end up with the red and the chrome (ya know, it never hurts to have a back-up...just in case). And if you don't have room to store it, I can help you out with that. ;D

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