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May 13, 2008


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Mmm... I love dried mango! Your pie looks perfect, and I love all the tweaks you made!


I made some of the same changes - making my own crust and adding zest. I did make the meringue though (but I would have rather had whipped cream)! I love the twists of lime, what a great garnish.


Ah - I thought about adding zest to the filling, but didn't. I knew I should have! Next time. And your pie looks lovely!


Love the way you topped it...so fun with the bright spring color!!! I also used whipped cream as a topping, it's so pretty.


Your key lime pie looks absolutely DIVINE! What a great job you did. I see you've put your new Cuisinart mixer to work.

Beautiful pictures - you must upload some to TasteSpotting!


love your pie! It looks do delicious! Great job!


Your pie is bright and colorful! Looks delicious!


Oh what a great looking pie! So nicely decorated, I could bite into the screen!

Ulrike from Küchenlatein

Hygeian Stew

I've never heard of putting zest in crust, what a great idea!


well, it isn't a "real" key lime pie, but yours came out looking beautiful! i love the mango and twisted lemon slices on top.


I am in love with all the pops of color in your pie - mango and lime. Yum! Pie-tastic job!
Clara @ I♥food4thought


Oh My God. You made this on a BOAT? And I have a whole kitchen? You are amazing, and the pics of your torte from last week have inspired me to make that for next weeks "do whatcha want" challenge...so thanks!

steph (whisk-spoon)

yeah, i have a hard time believing that dorie uses store bought crust--i mean, why would you? i could make a crumb crust in my sleep! yours pie is beautious!


Mmmmm dried mango - so pretty and tasty!


You really hit home with today's recipe! I think I can almost taste that luscious pie! Lemon or Lime pie - they're both my favorites. It looks incredibly tempting and I will have to try it. I've never even seen dried mango before, so I'm going to have to look around for that item. It looks absolutely delicious! TFS


I'll have to add zest to my filling next time. Great idea.


Great pictures!
I'm glad you got to use your new hand mixer!


Your pie looks simply stunning!



I am astounded by the sheer beauty of your work!

from Occasional Baker


You've done a beautiful job! Your pie looks so festive and scrumptious!


Beautiful beautiful beautiful!


That IS a sexy little mixer! And a fine looking pie too. :P


wow, love the garnish! great job!

Lori A.

Your pictures are always so amazing. Even though this doesn't sound like something I would particularly like, your pictures make it look so yummy! I bet I would like it.


Donna--AMAZING pictures, and ummmm amazing pie!!!!! This is beautiful!! I had such problems with my pie...first off I've never made meringue before and it did NOT turn out well (watery) and my coconut cream didn't hold the lime filling...the lime filling fell through...it wasn't a huge success at all. The flavors were nice (I used Nilla Waffers to make my crust) but the consistency was NOT great at all. I will be trying YOUR key lime pie shortly!! :D

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