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May 30, 2008


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I love, love grilled pizza and your pizza looks soo good! Great photos - makes me want to reach out and grab a piece.

One day I am just going to show up at the marina for supper with a bottle of wine of course.

Cheryl Sims

My mouth is really watering for this yummy pizza done just YOUR way!!! It seems that this would be an excellent dish to do in the camper. I am always looking for easy meals that I can fix while camping. We have just a small convection microwave under our burners so can't do anything big, so we use the grill lots. Thanks Donna for your recipe. the cookbook sounds very nice.


I must be living under a rock - I never thought of grilling a pizza! LOL I'm going to have to try this now, because it has fresh basil, and I LOVE fresh basil on just about anything! It looks delish!!
Congrats to the winner of the cookbook BTW!


Hi everyone! Just thought I'd chime in.

A lot of people never thought about grilling pizza either. Why is this such a new concept? I have no idea! But really, it is SOOOOO easy! The first time was a bit of a challenge because I didn't know what to expect, but it worked just fine! I think the trick is to get your grill as hot as you can, so the pizza will instantly form a crust. Otherwise, it will fall through the grill! oops!
Good luck! And have a glass of wine on me!


Oh, my goodness! These look absolutely delectable! And that wine...yummy! :o) Have a great weekend!


Could you e-mail me please? I have a question for you and I can't find your e-mail to contact you with. Thanks and sorry about posting it here! :O)


omg! that looks so yummy! i'd totally be happy if you served me that! what's the perfect dessert?
and olives stuffed w/feta - my favorite salty treat!


WOAH!! That pizza is PERFECTION!! My mouth is watering!!!

Erika Martin - Stampin' Mama

That's it. We're coming down. That's your warning. And I know where you live! mwahahahaha!


It's not even close to dinner time, but my mouth is watering for this pizza! And what a wonderful idea to grill it! It looks absolutely DEEELISH! That wine's callin' my name too. ;)

Mary C. Anderson

Oh my goodness. Your pizza looks so delicious. Having wine and pizza together sounds wonderful. But having them while watching the sun setting sounds like a beautifu thing. :)


Patty W

Oh my !! Talk about delicious looking! Just my style, a nice pizza! Yumm!


Donna, this looks delicious! We have pizza about once a week - and now maybe I will have to take the time to try and grill one! I'm not the grill master at home, but this looks and sounds easy enough!


This looks fantastic! We usually use a stone when we grill pizza but I love the idea of putting it right on the BBQ!!! Wish I was one of your dockmates!


The pizza looks Absolutely "Great"
I have never had pizza on a grill
brfore..but would love to try this :)
*Thanks for sharing!

Shawn K

Oh My! This looks so delicious. Thanks for sharing it. I hope in the future that you will continue sharing non-desert recipes with us. ("Woman can not live by brownine alone!")


Shawn K.


wow Donna that picture looks amazing. i just had breakfast, is it wrong to want pizza right now???

love, tastespotting

love this pizza, and would love to see it on TasteSpotting, but for some reason when it was originally submitted, it was cropped weird. would you mind re submitting it, cropped to 250 by 250 exactly where you'd like it squared out?

[eatingclub vancouver] js

One word: WOW.

My Sweet & Saucy

This looks sooo good! I love homemade pizza!


this looks really really good, so rich!

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