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May 19, 2008


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Cheryl Sims

Boy is my mouth ever watering. I made some cream puffs once and I remember that it wasn't difficult at all. Now I wonder why I haven't made them since--could it be all the extra pounds on my body that doesn't need any extra calories? May be. Got the great cookie book in the mail today--fast delivery--yummy looking cookies. Thank you Donna. I have been drooling all day.

steph (whisk-spoon)

choux paste is one of the most fun things to make, i think! my husband could seriously devour that entire sheet tray of eclairs himself!


Oh, my goodness! Those look absolutely amazing! My mom used to make us cream puffs for Valentine's Day every year. At one point I decided to try it myself...yah...no, that didn't work. I'll just "covet" yours for now! :o) LOL!


Those look sooo delicious. I'll have to try them out sometime, eclairs are one of my favorite desserts. Thanks. ~Julie


thanks for such a great step by step tutorial! i loooove eclairs, cream puffs, and all sorts of other related pastries and have been wanting very much to try making choux. now i definitely think i must try sooner than later!

Gretchen Noelle

Just in time for the HHDD event! I have never made these but will be trying this month! Thanks for the tips and I will look forward to reading the filling article!


Your eclairs look absolutely delicious - I could eat one now and it's 6:40 a.m.!

Choux pasry is a family favourite although I don't make it often.

Great post Donna and wonderful pictures!

Erika Martin - Stampin' Mama

Okay, who's kitchen are you using?? That doesn't look like your easy bake oven!

I'm drooling for your eclairs!

Remember the chocolate mousse balls?? LOL


rut roh! I think I feel my arteries clogging already! LOL They look sinfully delicious and I think I can almost taste them just from all the photos! I rarely make cream puffs, but I just bought lemons this week to make my favorite lemon cream puffs because I've developed a hunger for them! We must be on the same sugary wave length! nice job, they are just loaded with "yumminess" LOL


I am so new to all of this, and i was SUPPOSED to be making lemon bars for the coffeeshop today, butI wandered onto your site this morning and saw this recipe. It looked so challenging (but SO good) so I dropped the lemons for a while and gave this a shot. I cannot believe I made these!! I piped the sweet cream in some, and added peanut butter to more sweet cream (yummo) and now all I have to do is add the ganache to the tops! My husband is going to DIE! I will post pics on my blog later tonight - I hope you will drop by and add your 2 cents...
Thanks so much for inspiring me! You REALLY have!


I'm SO impressed by these--and I want an eclair now!! :D

Lori A.

Whoa...those look SO good! The chocolate looks so thick and smooth.


Okay, you have made this look so easy I think I am going to give it a try tomorrow!!! Thanks for the inspiration!


We should have a chocolate Eclair eating contest. I'm sure I could win that one. I love these tasty treats filled with a chocolate mousse would be good too!!


Ooooh - I had no idea it was that easy! (of course it always looks easy until you're elbow deep in it LOL) I'm going to add this to my list of to-be-baked, thanks!


those are adorable!


Thank you so much for sharing the recipe and photos-your eclairs look so delicious. I made an attempt at making eclairs last night using a different recipe and it was pretty unsuccessful. But your photos are really helpful! I can't wait to try making them again using your tips and recipe.

Hypnotherapy London

MMMMmmmmmm, these looks SO good! I would have never thought to have made them at home. You make it seem possible, going to give it a try. Thank you

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