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May 06, 2008


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So, even though I found your site through TasteSpotting by checking out the oh-so-cool Mother's Day "I Want A Mixer" post (which CRACKED ME UP and gave me oodles of ideas myself!), I must confess, this cookie book giveaway is pretty tempting too - I ADORE baking cookies!! (And even MORE, I love making them for my son and all his friends - and everyone else who comes by that I can give them to! *smile*). My only problem is choosing "A" favorite... Snickerdoodles? Oatmeal Raisin? White Chocolate Macadamia Nut? Gobs? (Does anyone else even KNOW what a Gob IS?! *grin*) Ooohhh... Maybe Crunchy Peanut Butter Cookies - or Dark Chocolate Chunk... how do I choose?!?!?

Ah, well; I've done some perusing of your site, and am hoping to find a way to RSS it; it's fabulous! We seem to have the same sense of humor (fabulous!), and I see we both enjoy wine, as well - and, of course, both like to cook. I definitely want to keep track of your blog! *smile*

Keep up the great work - and hope you get at least ONE of those lovely mixers for Mother's Day! *grin*



I know that being your daughter, I may not qualify to get this cookbook, but MY favorite cookies are....the ones YOU and Johnny make. Molasses has become my new favorite lately. I don't think I ever really tried them before, and brought some into work. The girls there fell in love with them!

Speaking of people from work loving the cookies....there are 3 girls now, with standing orders equaling 5 packages of cookies.

Cheryl Sims

I enjoy reading your blog because we are campers and your recipes can be made in our camper. I am always looking for easy recipes as time is always at a premium. My favorite cookie is a macademia nut white chocolate chip cookie. Love them!!! I love your blog ever since Erika introduced me to it. thanks for all your work.
Cheryl Sims


My favorite cookie is Martha Stewart's Oatmeal Toffee Cherry cookies. But I would love to try the White Chocolate Chunk Cranberry Cookie recipe you mention is in this recipe book. Pick me! Pick me!

Julie Miller

Is anyone as hungry as I am. :) Everytime I read your blog I'm ready to eat. If only it could come through the computer. Sigh....thanks for all your inspiration. ~Julie


MMMmmmm!!! Cookies! I love those choc chip pecan cookies and double fudge brownies! YUMMY!!!!


Thumbprint cookies are my fave, especially with raspberry jam - yum!


Goodness...how do I choose? I like soft chewy cookies...although there is always room for a crunchy one :) A soft Oatmeal Raisin or Chocolate Chip with Walnuts. My boyfriend loves Snickerdoodles...so those seem to be the ones I make the most...and Peanut Butter...gotta love Peanut Butter Cookies! I think I need to bake today!



Just discovered your blog recently and have really enjoyed reading it. My favorite cookie would have to be white chocolate macadamia. I have never been able to bring myself to purchase macadamias to make them - so it's always special when I am out and can buy one. I really should get over it and make some already.


My fave? Hello Dollies - love 'em!

Judy Rozema

I would have to say my altime favorite is chocolate chip cookies!!!My Mom use to make the most amazing chocolate chip cookie!She been gone now for 6 years.
But I NEVER refuse to eat anything home made!!! I really hope you get that beautiful mixer for Mother's day!!!

Kam A

My favorite cookie has to be the classic chocolate chip or I love anything that has caramel in it!

Karin A

I like most cookies-- but sugar cookies are a real favorite of mine. mmmmmm....good.

Amy Cooper

I love Oatmeal cookies or even better...No Bake Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies. For some reason each time I fix them they seem to disappear really fast.


oatmeal scotchies. i can never stop at just one. or two, for that matter. that being said, i don't make them too often... :)

Joyce Rose

I teach at a HS in rural Washington.We have a school registrar/secretary that makes her wonderful "Bakker" bars. They are chocolaty and have a wonderful crust. It is a happy day when she makes them for the staff, as much for the care she puts into them, as the chocolate.

Pat Martin

Italian Pizelles! I was introduced to these yummies several years ago and just had to buy myself a pizelle maker. I'm always looking for a new flavor twist for them.
Have been wanting to try your orange & cream cookies, but that still awaits.
Love your chat, fun to look forward to.

Kari Follett

Oatmeal raisin fresh from the oven with a glass of cold milk. Mmmmm

Tracy Bergthold


These little nuggets of buttery temptation are the best cookies that I have ever had in my life! Now my seven year-old daughter loves them as much as I do!


My absolute favorite cookie is Sand Tarts. I could eat my weight in them!

dave jordan

giant double choc (the gooey ones ) are defenatley my faves next to that would be the mollasses. thank you for the chance to taste these lovely recipies

Trevor de Haan


That has been my Favorite since I was a little kid! They are so good!!!

Johannah B

White Choc. Macadamia Nut.... but then I make all kinds my family loves, incl. nut cresents, raspberry shortbread, etc.


I love oatmeal raisin...but another favorite is Sunkakka.


White Chocolat Macademia.....OMG is my favorite. As for bar cookies, magic bars.

Michelle Rosborough

I love sugar cookies


what a great giveaway; I love baking cookies!


My favorite cookies are snickerdoodles too!! They always bring warm memories of Christmas . . . and they aren't just for Christmas anymore! LOL! I love the ones my mom makes for us. MMMMM pass the MILK!!!


My favorite cookie would have to be my sisters White Chocolate Chip Cookies....they are the BEST!

Sandy Kay

I have a great chocolate chip cookie recipe that I wish I had baked today, because now my mouth is watering! I also have a really good peanut butter cookie recipe - hmmm - which should I make first??


Hi Donna....I grew up loving my grandmother's soft sugar cookie recipe (frosted of course!). I would have to say it is one of my many favorites :-p

I did post about your giveaway on my blog - hopefully you will get all the comments your looking for!

Melinda W

My favorite cookie will always be a warm oatmeal raisin cookie! I wish I had one right now!!!


Ahhh!! Cookies, it doesn't matter what kind it is, I'm like the Cookie Monster!! Gimme Cookie now!!!

Jenna Z

I LOVE chocolate of course! And my favorite are chocolate chocolate chip cookies, nice and big, soft and chewey, straight from the oven warm and messy! Yum!

Sharon Hopkins

mm mm cookies are their any bad one's. I love them all but my favorite is a moist coconut macaroon. yummm. p.s. love your site and I will definitely spread the word.

The Man With A Spatula

This looks fantastic. I'm all over orange and cream cookies. ^_^


Yaay! cookies! I love playing with recipes.


looks great! who doesn't love cookies?


I'm always looking for a great cookbook and this one fits into that catergory. I first heard about this giveaway through Google's Widget 'Freebie of the Day." Glad ya'll offer this.

Jean Hochradel

My favorite cookie is the pecan balls rolled in powdered sugar. Why wait until xmas for them.

Connie G

I love reading your blog - I have been following it for quite some time. The thing that amazes me is that you cook on a boat. As a past owner of an Islander 32 Sailboat, I find this quite interesting. My favorite cookie has got to be Chocolate chip although I have yet to find the PERFECT recipe. Thanks for the chance to win - I would love to have one of those awesome cookbooks!!!


Love your blog, and yes I know that's not going to help me win :)))
My favorite cookie is chewy chocolate chip, and the “peaches cookies” (cookies that look like peaches, stuffed with nuts, and chocolate filling, you can find it on my blog). But, I love all cookies!

Kristi P

Pecan Shortbread cookies, yum!! Oh, and now that I have scrolled down your homepage I am fixing to go dig around in the fridge for something sweet and hopefully there is something in there that is chocolate! ~grin~

Thanks for the giveaway! Kristi


Molasses sugar cookies


I love Oatmeal. Somehow having Oatmeal cookies I don't feel so guilty. Oatmeal ya know?


I love sugar cookies with cream cheese frosting but snickerdoodles see the inside of my oven the most often because my little boy LOVES rolling the dough balls in sugar!


Oh, cookies, where to start. As long as there are no raisins I pretty much go for them all. All time favorite is chocolate chunk fresh from the oven. Yum!! Great giveaway!

Pam Ruppel

I have to say my most favorite cookie is a peanut butter cookie, made with crunchy peanut butter, nuts, chocolate and peanut butter chips!


My heart belongs to chocolate, but my favorite cookies are Snickerdoodles- go figure! How can anything taste so custardy that isn't actually custard? Who cares! Just give me some now. Oh- wait- I'm the cook. See you in the kitchen!

ian little

i,ve never tried any of these cookies so i'd love a book to teach me how

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