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April 15, 2008


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Wow! I am impressed..they look great!

Erika Martin - Stampin' Mama

Oh WOW! Those look SO yummy!!!! I'm impressed and could envision the mess as I was reading. I would have loved to see that moment when all the stuff sprayed in the boat, but I would have just laughed and then ran away so I didn't have to clean up the mess. haha!


Wow, I love that you tried so many flavors! They look so pretty in the wine glasses! I totally almost did the same sort of splatter everything everywhere - this recipe had waaay too much multi-tasking involved!


Your marshmallows look really scrummy! Well done. I love the mix of colours! I made peanut butter cookie s'mores with mine, using homemade peanut butter cookies. They were quite good as well.


Oh, the mound of marshmallows looks yummy. And, yes, the Dorie week is 5 days and shrinking. ;)

Ulrike aka ostwestwind

I am impressed, great presentation, kudos


Your marshmallows look great!


Hahaha! What fantastic piles you have everywhere! The 'mallows look great!


Your marshmallows look great! Your pictures are fantastic!


Wowsa, I'd like to dig into one of those piles! You outdid yourself!


wow! Those look so good! yum! makes me so hungry for some!

Judy (Judy's Gross Eats)

They remind me of neopolitan ice cream. yum. I've had to cook on a small boat before, so I'm totally impressed by your success! Glad you gave it a try.


They look like teh best treats in the candy dtore!


Wow, you were ambitious. Maybe I will try again someday. You've inspired me.


Wow, you are such a trooper for doing all of this on a boat. I love it.

That's a great picture with the marshmallows in the wineglass.


Beautiful!!! And extra kudos to you for managing all that on a boat! Makes for a great story, huh?


Awesome pictures! :) And yeah, even with a full size kitchen, mine was wrecked everytime I made them...


Your flavored marshmallows look great! I just what to jump into them, they're so fluffy. Go you!

Amy W

What a great job!!


wow these look great! love all of the different flavors you did, and the colors look great all mixed together :)


I love the cherry color! Looks great!


Very nice presentation with the wine glasses! I can't believe you made them with a hand-mixer! :)

Jennifer Rice Epstein

Wow; I can't believe you used a hand mixer! My arm would have fallen off. They look great!


Two thumbs up for making such cute marshmallows specially in a tiny Kitchen, I love the pink ones..Bravo!!


i really enjoyed reading about your adventure! you definitely win for making it work under any circumstance....living on a boat??!! that is so cool! your marshies look beautiful and I love the strawberry.

Hygeian Stew

Kudos for making this under such cramped conditions! I can only imagine the mess!! Luckily for me I had my trusty dishwasher/husband to clean up in my wake.


Beautiful display! Love the marshmallows.

Thanks for your comment, you have a great sense of humour!


wow! those colors really pop out at you! your marshmallows look perfect! i'm still so impressed you did this on your boat!

Madam Chow

Your post made me laugh. It was a messy procedure, wasn't it?

hand mixer

Too bad my hand mixer spoiled already. I wasn't able to get one in supermarket.

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