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April 22, 2008


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So cute! I love the lattice topping on the cupcakes!


Wow. amazing job on the cupcakes. I don't know which one is my favorite! I am still in awe of John decorating that cake? seriously? Definitely a keeper! :)


Sourdough carrot cake sounds amazing! Although I'd put in the raisins and nuts - they're part of why I love carrot cake. I love all of the decorations on your cupcakes, they're just adorable!


Clara! Yeah, He's a keeper all right!
I taught him everything I knew about baking years ago, so he would get stuck going to the bakery at 3:00 am! That way I could sleep in a little longer! He finally caught on, but it took years :-)


I like them all, the cake is beatiful and the cupcakes are very cute, Nice job Donna!!

Heather b

wow! Your cupcakes are so cute! Love the decoration!

Hygeian Stew

You're so creative! Those cupcakes look really cute! I never knew you were supposed to freeze the cakes, I'll have to try that next time (I always get cake crumbles in my frosting, yuck!)


I can't believe you did all this...it's all just so lovely and wonderful and I'm guessing delicious too!!


I can't believe you did all this...it's all just so lovely and wonderful and I'm guessing delicious too!!


I can't believe you did all this...it's all just so lovely and wonderful and I'm guessing delicious too!!

Mary C. Anderson

Before I visted your blog today I grabbed a small piece of Sugar free chocolate. I find I can not visit your blog without something to snack on. :) The carrot cake and cupcakes all look delicious.Your husbad did a beautiful job decorating the cake. I have never had a carrot cake without the nuts and raisins in it. I would love to have your recipe carrot cake. I would prefer not to have all of the extra things insdie my carrot cake. Thank you for sharing all of the beautiful pictures of your cakes.



Donna, can I fly over for some cake decorating lessons? Your cakes and cupcakes look amazing!


Those cupcakes are all so cute! And the sourdough carrot cake sounds interesting. I had a starter that I kept going for quite a while but it died, tragically, during a move. Great job - both you and John!


Beautiful beautiful beautiful.


Aw, look at all that variety! It soothed the bakery flashbacks I experienced as soon as you mentioned that 3 a.m. wake-up call. ;)


WOW!!! They look like little petit fours. Lovely job!!


Absolutely divine! You are giving a new meaning to carrot cake. Kudos to John for his great decorating skills!


Wow - what variety! Excellent job!

Gretchen Noelle

Oh my goodness gracious! These just are lovely! I am jealous that even your husband can decorate gorgeous cakes! Wonderful, wonderful job!!! Oh and I am SUPER interested in your sourdough carrot cake recipe as well as the buttermilk version...


Thanks to everyone for all the kind compliments!
Just to clarify some things....

John made and decorated the BIG cake and I did all the little cupcakes. Kinda like a joint effort.
I taught John how to decorate cakes years ago, not just to get out of the 3:00 am wake up call, but because he has really big hands! See the picture above??? This is a really big heavy carrot cake and he can handle it with ease.
Most people need a revolving cake pedestal to decorate large cakes, but he never wanted to do things that way. He said those things were for sissies and Betty Crocker bakers!
"Whatever, do it your way John!" And so he did.
I would praise him to no end, which made his head swell! It worked for me and back-fired on him. He got to decorate all the big cakes from then on!
I, on the other hand, LOVE to do the little things...the dainty pastries that he has absolutely NO patience for.
The other difference is, he has no "eye" for detail. He's a hands-on-guy all the way. Throw it on a cake circle, decorate it and sell it or eat it. Done.
I'd say, "Make it pretty, or where's the raspberry sauce, or the chocolate ganache drizzle?"
It got to the point where he would do the basic heavy stuff, then hand it off to me to finish it and doll it up.
We're a good team.

We have quite a bit of video footage on How to Decorate Cakes and How to Make and Roll Pie Crusts. I'm hoping my son is editing these soon so we can link them to You Tube.

And remember to enter my Cookbook Give-Away!


Wow, that is a lot of cakes, and all cute to boot! That is amazing!


those are a lot of great looking little cakes! love the lattice and the ones with the cherries on top. but all of them look delish!


Your cake and cupcakes look gorgeous! You did an amazing job and it looks delicious!


Your cake and cupcakes look gorgeous! You did an amazing job and it looks delicious!

My Sweet & Saucy

Love all the photos! This carrot cake looks sooo good!


Hey..thanks for the recipe!!
I am just a beginner.. the carrot cake with your recipe will be my first cake with layers and frosting!

Alaska Personal Injury Attorney

Your cake looks divine! It's making me drool! Can't wait to try the recipe...also thanks for the bit about weighing flour...I'll have to try that. Thanks again! =)

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