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April 11, 2008


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What an amazing book! I am sure there are some incredible gems in there. So glad you were able to find it again! Will you be posting any recipes?

Erika Martin - Stampin' Mama

ooh! ooh! Pick me! Pick me! I'm one of your daughters!!! :)


OMG, so jealous! I only have a handful of recipes from my great grandmother since my grandma isn't as much into baking (diabetes sort of limits things). I'd love to have such a snapshot of my great grandmother's kitchen! Recipes??? ;)


What great memories. We've been trying to convince my mom to write down all of her recipes...but she's one of those that cooks by feel. One day we'll just have to just stand there and watch her and write it down as she goes. :)



I'm one of your daughters too!!!!!


Kerri & Erika ~ You're both my favorite daughters. I guess I'll just have to pick a name out of the mixing bowl before I die to see which one gets Grandma's recipes.
Or....you could spend the next 20 years really buttering me up. Then I'll take a vote depending on how much you've done for me!
Ha Ha! Just kidding! Or am I?


Yes, there will be recipes coming. I just have to learn how to decipher some of them first! I wonder though, how many rhubarb recipes does one person really need?

I do have a snapshot of my Grandma's kitchen and the cafeteria where she worked! It's in a box somewhere, someplace....but I did see it, I know I did!

I know what you mean! My mother-in-law is old world German. She has all these really great recipes, but they're all in her head! She 85 now and I want to get these recipes before she's gone. I love her German Potato Salad so much that I decided to finally get it out of her one day! I stood right over her and watched and waited.....
She said it was ready when it "talked back to you"! WHAT??? How am I supposed to write that down on paper? She said "It sounds like this..." and then she made this God-awful smacking/sucking noise! Sheesh! I can't put that in a cookbook! I did the best I could and some day soon, I'll get around to putting it into words!

Thanks so much for all your comments. Everyone should have their Grandma's and Mom's recipes that can be passed down from generation to generation. My kids will have PLENTY when I finally kick the bucket!


what a treasure! I've been trying to collect as much from my grandmother while she is still alive because I want to have the memories......thanks for sharing!

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