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April 21, 2008


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My all-time favorite dessert would HAVE to be tiramisu! Thanks for the chance to win this drool-worthy cookbook!


Nice choice, I will spread the information.
As for my favorite dessert it has to be the french mille-feuille.


I don't have a blog...but I am spreading the word. Have been wanting this cookbook!

My favorite dessert...I love banana nut cake with cream cheese frosting...sounds pretty simple...but there's only one place I've ever been able to get it and I have yet to find a recipe for it. Another great dessert I love is champagne cake...it's from the same local bakery...can't find it anyplace else...and no recipe!


Lori A.

Those cookies look so yummy!! Favorite dessert? That's a tough one...I love desserts...way too much. :) I would probably have to say my all-time favorite dessert would have to be the simple little chocolate pie with some Cool Whip. YUM!

Glee Scrap

I do'nt have a blog, so I'm not participating in the "Groovy Giveaway", but I just wanted to say my sweet tooth screams for attention every time I visit....I love all the yummy photos, and I love how you are "keepin' it real" like Pioneer Woman, and show your little sink FILLED with dirty dishes at the end!


Hi Donna! Can I be a brown-noser and say how much I love your blog?! ;-)

My favorite dessert is vanilla ice cream (preferably homemade) with a thickly frosted cake (chocolate with cream cheese frosting or yellow cake with chocolate frosting). I also love French macarons, créme brulée, and American fruit desserts like pandowdy, crumbles and cobblers.

Janis LU

I do not have a blog, but I am forwarding your blog to 20 friends who love to bake!
My favorite dessert is my mother's chocolate chip cookie recipe. Can taste them right now fresh out of the oven.


Great idea! I have been 'eyeing' this book for awhile - trying to justify why I just have to have it. For sure I will add a link to your blog!

My favourite dessert has to be any dessert made with apples. I love apple pie and apple cake especially.


Now why would I want to spread the word? The LESS people who enter, the MORE chance I have to win the book! hehe BUT...since it's a requirement, I'll do it. :) I have to say that my favorite dessert is usually anything with Peanut Butter in it - I LOVE Peanut Butter cookies and just saw your recipe, so I'll have to try it!


me, me, me!! but no i won't spread the word because less people means more chance for me to win! oops, i see that someone already pointed that out, hehe. but i would love to try some of these lovelies.

Eileen McClean

My favourite dessert is Pavlova, the only fat is in the whipping cream, You can prepare it the night beofre, whip the cream ahead of time and use whatever fruit is in season. It is also good for people who have celiac and cannot eat flour.Thanks for the opportunity to win this book, never met a cookie I didn't like.


I'm a lurker, but I love your blog! My favorite dessert would have to be chocolate pudding. The best recipe I've found is in the Gourmet Cookbook and is simply decadent.


I think I'm the dippiest, dopiest, person ever as I've never been to your blog before. I would love to win this cookbook but only if it comes with a special spell that will make it so I can actually be successful with it. Seems even with great recipes I can still mess it up somehow! Anyway, I'm putting you in my Reader and I'll mention your giveaway on my blog tomorrow!


I love sugar cookies, rhubarb bars, angel food cake--- too many treats to mention! I will spread the word about the cookie cookbook! That's a promise. Thank you for the giveaway!

Shawn Kreig

I found your blog through Erika and her Bake it, Make it and Take it segment. I've enjoyed your recipes as they are not overly complicated and so far turn out quite tasty. I would like to see more fruity deserts. I love fruit and think it's a natural in baking. I tried your lemon tart recipe and the berry muffins and both turned out nicely.

Thanks for sharing your expertise!
Shawn K.

Johannah B

I love to cook, bake, cook, bake..well as long as there is someone here to eat it and tell me how good it is :) -- but then that always happens (they know they won't get anymore great meals if they don't compliment the chef) So, I NEED to keep up with the demand and so you NEED to keep giving away cookbooks. I'd love a new crockpot book next!

Karen R

I love fresh strawberry pie or strawberry cheesecake. Give me a good cookie for an anytime snack. I don't have a favorite.


Oh, the cookies look so good! I would love this book!

Beth G.

My favorite dessert has to be strawberry jello with the pretzel crust! Oh, I could eat that all! Other favorites include pumpkin ANYTHING! Thanks for the chance to win, I still love Martha! Beth G.




I just discovered your blog by way of Erika's blog. I'm enjoying looking around and have added you to my Google Reader. My favorite dessert is pecan pie. In fact I love anything with pecans! Thanks for the chance to win.


I love desserts so it is hard to pick just one but I'll go with Chocolate Pecan Pie with vanilla ice cream.


Wow! I love your blog! That cookbook looks awesome. It is hard to choose my favorite dessert because there are so many I like! So, for today, I'll say that Lemon Icebox Pie is my favorite.

Nancy P

My favorite dessert is OREO's!!! Am I bad or what??? Ok, here's what I'm looking for... A recipe so I can make my own Oreo's... :O) Nancy P...


My favorite dessert is peanut butter cheesecake *drool*. I only make it on holidays because I always want it to be a special treat. You and your daughter share so many innovative recipes and craft ideas and I'm loving everything I read from your blogs. TFS such a wonderful gift with this cookie book!


That cookbook looks really good. My favorite dessert has to be a hot stick gooey cinnamon bun with a cream cheese icing on top. Well, with a blog like mine you know it has to be something made from dough :) Keep the recipes coming I enjoy reading them.

Janet B

My favorite recipe is for Rolo Cookies--everyone just loves them!

Thanks for sharing.


Mmmm.. cookies. What's not to love? I think I need this cookbook! : ) Thanks.


My favorite dessert? So hard to choose, but it sometimes depends on the time of year. Summer - strawberry shortcake; Fall - pecan pie or pumpkin pie. I could go on and on! Love your blog...thanks for the opportunity to win this great cookbook!


I cannot just pick one favorite dessert!! But at the very moment I feel like saying "Charlotte aux fraises". It's a french dessert that's like a very firm strawberry mousse (with gelatine in it)layered with soft lady fingers. It's delicious!
Thanks for the give-away, and sure I'll post a little note about it on my craft blog! :-)

Julie Miller

Favorite dessert, hmmm, that's a toughy. I like them all. But if I really had to narrow it down, it would have to be cheesecake. Yum! Thanks for the chance to win. I'll be signing up for your updates. :) ~Julie


I'm a subscriber ever since your daughter told me to! :) I love both your blogs!! You're both crafty and talented!!! *drool* hee hee
My fave dessert is ice-cream. I love ice-cream cake! Thanks!!

Heather Fullerton

How can I narrow my favorite to one dessert. First off I love chocolate but my favorite desert is actually apple crisp. Go figure...an good ole grandma special.
Retired Heather


WOW what a great give a way. I would so love to win this cookie cookbook. I am a baker at heart. For as long as I can remember my mom and I have been baking Christmas cookies together. We spend days (long days) mixing and baking for everyone! My kids just love bringing friends over to sample the days cookies. My mom has always cooked and baked - I can not remember a time when she didn't.
What i am looking for is a cookie my grandma use to make me. It was like a raviolli - it was a round cookie filled like a raviolli - filled with grape jelly. I loved that cookie. It was like a raviolli because it was 2 disks (cookie dough discs) filled with jelly and sealed like a raviolli. Am I confusing you yet? I have never been able to reproduce the cookie part. It was not a simple sugar cookie but more like a cream cheese cookie. So heavier than a sugar cookie. My grams had her own recipes in her head and since her english was broken I could not get the recipe. I was young and never thought to write it down as she did it. So many recipes lost.
Thank you for the opportunity to win this great book! I am saying a little prayer - I get picked.
Have a good day!


OHH what a great give a way!
My favorite dessert is a tie between creme brulee (don't know if it's spelled right but I sure know how to eat it) and cheesecake. OK now I'm hungry off to make peanut butter cookies, YAY!

Kari Follett

Mmmm...Creme Brulee. I had it in Quebec and it was SO divine.

Jo Ann B

I have such a sweet tooth and you are asking me for my favorite dessert? Cake, yes; pie, yes; cookies, yes; candy, yes...oh my, the choices! I rarely bake anymore because my hubby isn't a "sweets" person, but I have to admit I've had people ask numerous times for my Mexican Chocolate Cake (yum). My personal favorite (I think) would be Apple Turnover, Apple Dumpling or Apple Kuchen. BTW...your blog (and Erika's) is WONDERFUL. I love how you both have managed to so cleverly combine your passions.

Judy Rozema

I would have to say my favorite dessert is cherry cheesecake,there is just something about its flavour that I pick it over anything else! Thanks for the chance to win.

Kim Williams

My favorite dessert is yellow cake with chocolate frosting. That with a big, cold glass of milk and I am set!

Thanks for a chance to win this cookbook, we are big cookie fans around here as well.

Diana Gibbs

I found you through Erika, and my gosh an hour later, I am still reading your blog. What a life you lead, cooking, sailing, freezing in the winter!
Thanks for having this contest to win the Cookie book, maybe someday it will be your own cookbook we will have a chance to win.
Thanks, and I am off to make the peanut butter cookies!


I love cheesecake. Just plain cheesecake. I love it so much. I love cookbooks.I love to try new things. I have 2 kids and they love cookies, so anytime I can get some new recipes the better. Thank you for doing this wonderful give away!!!!

cathy tidwell

Ok, I have to admit, that I love your recipes! And, ummm not for myself (well sorta for myself) ...my hubby is the cook in this house! He's awesome too, but he lacks in the dessert department, so Ive been printing your recipes for him, lol! Thanks so much for this chance to win this cookbook, I've been drooling over it...


Ooh, I was eyeing this cookbook the other day at Barnes and Nobles.

My favorite dessert would have to be strawberry shortcake, you can't beat the simplicity and fresh flavor, plus the fact that strawberries make it "healthy."


My favorite dessert is anything with chocolate in it. I am a chocolate freak!


Wow, it's hard to choose just one, but I'd have to go with butterscotch brownies. Yum!

Andrea Murdock

I love your blog ever since I found my way over here from your daughter Erika's blog (I thinks she is so fantastically gifted by the way). Hmmmmm, my favourite dessert is something my mom calls Apple Schnitz pie. It's an apple pie with an oatmeal, brownsugar, flour and cinnamon crust on top. Kind of like an apple crisp. You pour some cream over the pie before you stick it in the oven and it's delish!!! I haven't made it in years (because i'd eat the whole darn thing) but it's requested as my pot luck item if I am down for desserts LOL.


I love German chocolate cake...it's the best! :)

Susan Hall

You need a reason to give away cookbooks? Well I am seriously a collector. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE Cookbooks. Any kind and my family and friends always appreciate new and different cookies for Christmas. PICK ME!!!PICK ME!!!


I wish I had a blog to spread the word, but I will tell friends about your site. Looks yummy!


My all time favorite baked good is cupcakes. This is my first time seeing your site but I love it. Thanks for the cookbook opportunity.

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