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March 18, 2008


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Yours look great! I had to hold my KA to keep it from dancing off the counter as well. My dough hook is getting quite the workout lately.

I only used the 1/2 dough required, though I wish I'd done both, they ARE that good. Hopefully someone picks another brioche recipe soon so I can use the other 1/2 in my freezer soon.


Welcome to TWD! It looks like your snails turned out great. I like how you took pictures of the whole process. I try to do that, but usually get distracted by my little ones. I enjoyed your Suite101 article as well.


Thanks for the encouragement! I ended up taking 81 pictures of the whole baking event! It was real hard to choose which ones to keep and not include. I can't imagine having little ones around and doing such intense baking like this. I had to keep washing my hands before I picked up the camera again. Real sticky stuff!
Glad you liked my Suite article too. Now, I'm off to check out everyone else's buns!

Gretchen Noelle

I *love* that you wrote yourself notes!!! Welcome to TWD, your "buns" are beautiful!!


These look delicious! I love the glaze on yours. Welcome to TWD!


Thanks Erin!
I love your buns too! Everybody's snails came out so good!
Happy Birthday!


They look terrific. I'm amazed how similar everyone's have looked.


Great pictures and the snails look good too! :)


I read your article! loved it. Your snails turned out lovely. Great job!


they look great! i can't imagine baking on a boat!


You can't deny a man some hot buns now and then! LOL. Great job!


Welcome to TWD. Your snails look so good.


I don't think that the buns need any cinnamon ;-). Your result is great


Hey, it was my first week, too! What a recipe to come in on. Gorgeous pics! And printing out the many pages of this recipe in advance ... I wish I'd thought of that. ;)


What a great read your blog is, and lovely pics too!

Those snails really look yummy.


Welcome aboard! Almond extract in the pastry cream is a great idea, I'm going to try that next time as well!

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