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February 20, 2008


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ooh, it looks so cute!!!


My SIL was raised in Newport, and it's also where she and my brother were married. I haven't been there since (Aug. '85), though I remember how much we enjoyed our stay. I was pregnant with my first child, passed out due to the stifling humidity during the LONG wedding and whacked my forehead on the platform behind the minister (my SIL's dad). Of course the egg on my forehead was nothing compared to what happened to my brother's friend who'd accompanied me down the aisle (though only one way! lol) -- he passed out not long after I did and smacked his chin on the piano...needing to go to the ER and be stitched up. He ended up looking like a chipmunk because of the large bandage wrapped around his chin. Poor guy. (Lucky for me, I wore bangs so my egg wasn't noticeable to everyone else. lol) Beautiful area (aside from the horrid humidity...being born and raised in So. Cal, humidity is something I'm very unaccustomed to...thankfully!) Though we didn't have the luxury of trying out all the wonderful eateries (next time!), we enjoyed all the other tourist-y spots in the area. Thanks for the walk down memory lane. ;)

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